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A suborbital passenger spaceship being developed by Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic company crashed during a test flight on Friday at the Mojave Air and spaceport in California, killing one crew member and seriously injuring the other, officials said.

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Scaled Composites President Kevin Mickey told a news conference the ill-fated flight was the first using a new rocket fuel formula the company switched to in May. He said that formula "had been proven and tested on the ground" before Friday's test launch.

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“Everybody who’s following this is wondering how this isgoing to affect the negotiation over Iran’s nuclear program,” he contended, “andwhether they’re going to be willing to make exceptions because the economicsituation is really difficult for them now.”

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The President took winter vacations at the property from 2011 to 2013, along with the First Lady, First Children, First Mother-in-Law and First Dogs. And it is not the only luxury property in Hawaii where the Obamas have enjoyed a little winter sun. In 2009 and 2010, the family stayed at the even more lavish Plantation Estate, which became known as the Winter White House.

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The fact that women tilt heavily toward Democrats is nothing new, of course. It’s why Democrats never tire of accusing Republicans of waging a “war on women,” and why Republicans cringe every time an elected official says something clueless about rape or birth control.

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"My duty to protect the health of the individual, as well as the health and safety of 1.3 million Mainers, is my highest priority. Despite our best effort to work collaboratively with this individual. she has refused to cooperate with us," he said. "As Governor, I have done everything I can to protect the health and safety of Mainers. The judge has eased restrictions with this ruling and I believe it is unfortunate. However, the State will abide by law."

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View the latest cruise deals and offers from the Telegraph, including low-cost and last-minute deals for ocean and river cruises to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and beyond

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Stewart’s lap established a track qualifying record as he became the first driver to record a 200-mph qualifying lap at TMS. His lap of 200.111 mph easily eclipsed the previous qualifying mark of 198.282 mph set by Kevin Harvick at April’s Duck Commander 500.

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“I would appeal to anyone who has information to come forward and there will be a large police presence in this area in the next few hours and days so if you either have information or any concerns then please approach an officer.”

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Yet David is without rancour that it took so long to fix him – and prefers to look forward, not back. He used to chair the North Yorkshire Police Independent Advice Group and, since his successful surgery, has written to every police commissioner and chief constable in the country offering his services.

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For Cpl Hartley, who left the Army in 2008, being interviewed for the film has proved cathartic. Severely injured in the chest, lung and arm that day, he was evacuated to hospital at Camp Bastion, something that has haunted him ever since. “I was responsible for everybody medically, but I left the guys behind,” he recalls. “Because I never got the chance to check everyone was OK, it had never ended for me. That was my finishing line but I never got there.

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"At the core of the BBM experience is privacy and control. These two notions are more important today than ever before as people are looking for simple ways to help guard against their messages getting into the wrong hands or being seen by anyone other than the intended recipient," BlackBerry said in a statement.

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The Pentagon is considering its next steps in a bid backed by congress to replace the RD-180 engines - an initiative that has drawn great interest from Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Alliant Techsystems Inc, which is now reviewing its plans to merge with Orbital, as well as privately held Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX.

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"Treblinka's Last Witness," airing on Tuesday, tells the story of how Willenberg, a Polish Jew, became a forced laborer at Treblinka where his two sisters were among the 900,000 Jews sent to their deaths. He later escaped during a camp revolt, one of barely 100 Jews to survive the place.

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This is important because Umbridge is particularly cruel to non-magical humans in her role as Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, where she sends many supposed muggles to Azkaban, the wizarding prison, for "stealing magic" from magical beings.

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And against this backdrop of violence, the pro-Russian rebels are to hold elections on 2 November, in this region and in rebel-held areas of neighbouring Luhansk, in defiance of Ukraine, but with the support of the government in Moscow.

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During the course of the BNP case, US federal and state investigators received evidence the French bank had done business with a Dubai-registered corporation that was a front for an Iranian entity, one source said. Investigators also learned that the company used to have an account with Standard Chartered, according to the source.

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Scientists have long wondered why animals didn't roam the planet sooner than they did - about 800 million years ago during the end of the Proterozoic period. There was supposedly an abundance of oxygen before then, but new research shows that the quality of that air wasn't so great.

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Japan's monetary policies are moving in the oppositedirection of the hawkish policy tone adopted earlier this weekby the U.S. Federal Reserve, which drove market expectationsthat the Fed will increase U.S. interest rates sooner thanpreviously forecast.

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Mr Cook said that he had been open about his sexuality with many people, including colleagues at Apple, but that it still "wasn't an easy choice" to publicly announce his sexual orientation.

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Fundamentally metal detectors work by generating an electromagnetic field which is transmitted into the ground. Any metal that comes into contact with it generates its own field which the detector picks up.

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Protesters have taken to the streets in the past month since43 students were abducted by police in southwest Mexico on Sept.26. The search for the missing students has derailed PresidentEnrique Pena Nieto's efforts to focus on economic reforms.

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It pointed out that infectious diseases spread among patients and staff in overcrowded EDs - this has occurred with illnesses such as norovirus (winter vomiting bug) and SARS. As a result, the association said it is ‘not reassured' by HSE and Department of Health claims that Ireland is prepared for Ebola.

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The high-handed manner in which Ms Tshabalala has rebuffed parliament's enquiries about her qualifications has led many South Africans to believe she must have political "cover" at the highest levels.

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Friday's statement by the Houthis also called for the establishment of "revolutionary committees" across the country and a joint northern-southern committee to find "a just resolution to the southern cause".

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The back-to-back accidents dealt a considerable blow to the fledgling commercial space launch industry, which has been taking on more work traditionally done by the U.S. government while expanding for-profit space markets, including tourism.

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Diplomats said Compaore's reluctance to leave power waslinked to a fear of prosecution on rights charges, followingcases against African leaders in recent years such as formerLiberian president Charles Taylor.

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The Turkish president promised his country would help reconstruct Afghanistan. He said higher education would be provided to Afghan students in Turkey and his government would support and train Afghanistan’s security forces. The Turkish president also stated his country would build a university and equip a hospital in the war-torn country.

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Workshops will also be held at the conference, which will provide advice and support to people with fertility issues, and allocated break off rooms will be available to allow people to meet the experts.

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Moreover, U.S. flailing is not just demoralizing at home. It is energizing the very worst people abroad. Being perceived as what Osama Bin Laden called the “strong horse” is, for a messianic movement on the march, the ultimate recruiting tool.

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But Nash, who is admittedly a streaky player, will cool down eventually, and the Rangers will need offense from other players. A healthy Stepan, who finished second on the team with 57 points last season (17 goals, 40 assists), brings that instantly.

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The ITC declined to comment on the proposed ban. The Tobacco Institute of India (TII), an industry body, said the proposed law would not be easily enforceable and would lead to retailers being harassed.

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At the Rhode Island event, Obama honed in on a favorite topic, equal pay for women. He mixed in familiar stories about growing up with a single mom and a grandmother who was passed over for promotions in favor of men she had trained at the bank where she worked.

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They were split into three groups - those whose mothers had epilepsy and took anti-epileptic medication, those whose mothers had epilepsy but did not take medication and those whose mothers did not have epilepsy.

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He writes that one night, Hatcher — who would begin her career-making role on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” — that year, called Clay’s adjacent hotel room and they had phone sex. Afterward, he says he came into her room and although they didn’t have sex, “her moans were delicious, and by the time it was over she was completely and absolutely satisfied.”

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It was not clear when the bank might have discovered theproblem had the hackers not used the same I.P. addresses tolaunch cyberattacks on both the bank and the Corporate Challengerace websites, WSJ reported, citing people briefed on thematter.

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Bolshoi means 'grand' or 'large' in Russian. The Bolshoi theatre is the world's largest ballet company with over 200 dancers. Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, Swan Lake, premiered at the theatre on 4 March 1877.

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Mas plans to hold a ballot next Saturday, marshalled by volunteers, in place of a non-binding poll on independence, and it remains unclear how the central government would enforce a block on the vote if Catalan leaders press ahead.

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A separate smaller population, from a subspecies called the Mexican gray wolf, inhabits southeastern Arizona and western New Mexico, hundreds of miles (km) in the opposite direction. But the animal in question appeared larger than a typical Mexican wolf, experts said.

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Around 100,000 people worldwide undergo a cornea transplant every year. Now researchers based in Galway have made a breakthrough which could reduce the risk of patients rejecting this type of transplant.

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