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To make the matching costume complete, Beyoncé dressed Blue Ivy as the King of Pop. The 2-year-old wore Michael’s famous red and gold jacket, along with aviator sunglasses as she held on to a pink microphone.

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Compaore, 63, although an ally of France and the US, was close to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Charles Taylor, ex-chief of Liberia who was found guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.

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Hickox tested negative for Ebola after returning from working for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone. She also objected when the state of New Jersey put her into isolation when she arrived at Newark airport.

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The study is co-funded by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI). According to ASI chief executive, Gerry Martin, this research will ‘not only inform the ASI's work in supporting carers of people with dementia, but also can inform policy, future research and the development of targeted interventions that can improve carers' health'.

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Still, it's been difficult to fight back against the ad, she said. "It's my reputation that's at stake here. If they're saying stuff that's blatantly false, it could affect the outcome of this election," Zenzinger said.

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"But the typeface used throughout the building to mark floor numbers and so on is Gill Sans - it was very a deliberate choice as it's the font the BBC uses for its logo." Otherwise, the architect says, there's little to remind its new tenants of its BBC days.

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There is also mounting concern about the reopening of an investigation by US authorities into whether Standard Chartered had concealed transactions that were in violation of sanctions laws when it was negotiating a settlement in 2012.

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“I love being a woman on stage, and I’m not a biological woman, so this is something special in the first place, that I’m the first ‘special lady’ in this show, but I really feel comfortable being a lady on the stage. But as you say this kind of sexiness is something different. I mean, they’re real women, you know what I mean? So I really have to find also this side of my female character,” she said.

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"Recently, AGEs have been implicated in insulin resistance, pancreatic beta-cell damage, and diabetes, partly because they promote oxidative stress and inflammation. Moreover, intervention studies with a diet low in AGEs have shown significantly improved insulin sensitivity, reduced oxidant stress, and alleviated inflammation," they pointed out.

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‘It sort of is, but more important is the idea that the man at the centre of it, who was persecuted for being different, still stands sadly for a lot of persecution that goes on around the world today. That’s what terrifies me – that it's as prevalent now, and that this is how we treated one of our war heroes, and a great scientist, someone who’s up there with Charles Darwin; he should be on banknotes. I don’t think Alan set himself up as a martyr, but he sure as hell was treated as one in a sense.’

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The temporary order permits her to engage in what the judge called "non-congregate public activities" like walking or jogging in the park but instructs her to maintain a 3-foot (1 meter) distance from other people.

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Erdogan, who has been a reluctant supporter of the U.S.-led coalition but has allowed the passage of the peshmerga from northern Iraq, said Washington and its allies were too focused on Kobani and should also turn attention elsewhere.

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Public concern about the spread of the virus is high in both the United States and Canada. Canada became the second developed nation after Australia to bar entry for citizens from the three West African nations where Ebola is widespread.

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The U.S. State Department said it was deeply concerned by reports of the mass executions. Islamic State's "indiscriminate crimes prove, yet again, that it is targeting all Iraqis, regardless of faith or religion," it said.

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However, even in the face of persistent hubris shown by these nations, drillerswill inevitably be forced to cut production if oil continues its slide in orderto bring supply and demand back into balance. A final factor worth mentioningis domestic and foreign policy. The EU or China could increase economicstimulus, which would boost demand or the U.S. could incentivize the use ofnationally produced oil.

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However, army chief General Navere Honore Traore was a signatory to the new army statement which said: "Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida was chosen unanimously to lead the transition period opened after the departure of president Compaore".

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Can J.R. Smith regain his Sixth Man of the Year form? Can Amar’e Stoudemire stay healthy? Will Iman Shumpert mature? These are the questions Anthony was asking himself in July as he toured the country waiting for some team to make a compelling argument as to why he should leave New York and never return.

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"We cannot continue to write bigger and bigger cheques to remain a member of an unreformed and uncompetitive European Union. Business is struggling under mounds of EU red tape and the UK economy is threatened by yet another potential eurozone recession.

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Roy was sent back to a regular jail cell this month afterspending two months in a makeshift prison office fitted withcomputers and phones to enable him to conduct negotiations withprospective buyers for Sahara's three hotels, including thePlaza in New York and Grosvenor House in London.

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"Buying pressure in Sydney has come from overseas investors literally buying everything they can, particularly from Asia," Mr Airey says. "Sydney prices look cheap to them. They look expensive to Australians but A$1m really doesn't buy you very much."

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Another Hawaii man, 56-year-old Glen Bousquet, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper that he had ventured across restricted lands several times to snap a selfie photo of himself standing near the flaming lava.

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American and U.N. officials as well as Cuban doctors were among the crowd as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf opened the treatment center, which is set up to hold 200 patients and can eventually treat as many as 300. With the opening of the center, an Ebola treatment unit at JFK Medical Center has been closed. Many people with other diseases had been nervous about going to the nation's largest referral hospital, and officials hope they will now come back.

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Hickox tested negative for Ebola after returning fromworking for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone. She alsoobjected when the state of New Jersey put her into isolationwhen she arrived at Newark airport.

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The report reveals a big increase in the number of people with Down syndrome developing dementia. In the three-year period since the first IDS-TILDA study was conducted in 2010, the prevalence of this disease has nearly doubled in people with Down syndrome - from 15% to just under 30%.

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Now the policemen make that decision. Even child marriages have been controlled. When I used to leave the village and come back I would find out that some girls from my school as young as nine had been forced to get married.

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The Hall of Fame trainer found out Tuesday morning that his star 2-year-old American Pharoah will scratch from Saturday’s $2 million Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, in which he was the 2-1 morning line favorite.

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This settlement is likely to be based on banks acknowledginglax internal compliance, oversight failures and market conductbreaches by individual employees, but not deliberatemanipulation of the $5 trillion-a-day market.

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Flynn told reporters late on Thursday that he was concerned that mandatory budget cuts were already having a negative impact on the military's "readiness" and that impact could worsen given the high number of other missions now under way, including the fight against Islamic State militants and the Ebola virus.

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“The arias, they all bring tears to my eyes. Of course, as this is an opera, we know that everything is true and not true at the same time. It’s Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’… it’s life’s absolute and terrible mockery and nothing is fun if we lose the certainty that even death has its ridiculous side.”

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"There are a few big decisions to make -- their strategy to turn around operations, what happens to the final dividend, the speculation about possible disposals and capital measures. Those things can't just happen without anyone noticing so we would expect a material announcement at some stage."

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Chelyuskintsev, a government-owned mine west of the rebel-held city Donetsk, was closed for nearly three months before being re-opened in late September. Two workers have been killed in Grad missile strikes on the premises since the war began in April — and one artillery strike even hit the mine's office building.

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“[Former Australian PM] Julia Gillard gave it to me. It was thrilling, the Australians were very pleased and so was I. Australia’s a country of very genuine people, there’s not a lot of bull****. They’re friendly, laid-back, their frame of mind is ironic and irony is what I missed terribly when I lived in America for 16 years.”

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It is unclear whether the small but heavily armed contingent of peshmerga will be enough to swing the battle, but the deployment is a potent display of unity between Kurdish groups that more often seek to undermine each other.

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Kenseth, Hamlin and Edwards are all Chase drivers who have had a great deal of success in Texas in the past, and have an excellent opportunity to win this weekend as well. They are far from the only drivers worth keeping an eye on, though.

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The hedge funds' alternative investment strategies, including their reliance on borrowed cash, could make them more vulnerable to a "double whammy" disaster like the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, which caused a market crash that wiped out financial portfolios at the same time as insurers were forced to pay out.

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The problem came to light recently in North Carolina, which compared its voter rolls against a federal immigration database. The cross-check of 10,000 voters found 1,425 likely non-citizen voters, including 109 illegal immigrants or so-called "Dreamers." Almost 10 percent registered to vote when getting their driver's license. But election officials say the problem is nationwide.

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There is a growing controversy in the United States oversome states ordering 21-day quarantines for nurses and doctorsreturning after treating Ebola patients, an idea that medicalexperts have criticized.

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How will the strains of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the scars of those campaigns, affect their willingness and ability to intervene in future crises, and to endure the kinds of conflicts that may not end in clear-cut military victories?

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NARAL Pro-Choice New York President Andrea Miller says women voters love to hear the governor speak out strongly for reproductive rights as Texas and other states try to shut down abortion clinics, and as the Supreme Court rules against mandatory insurance coverage for birth control.

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