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The Antares rocket launched Tuesday included an enhanced second-stage engine, which allowed an additional 800 pounds of cargo to be loaded aboard Cygnus. It is not known if the rocket's extra weight and length were factors in the accident.

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Just four days ago, GM Billy King said Lopez was progressing faster than anticipated. The 26-year-old has two years and more than $32 million remaining on his contract, although the Nets were unable to secure insurance on his foot because of the injury risk.

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The 13-year-old girls were in a crosswalk near an elementary school when the driver hit them. Two of the girls were declared dead on the scene while the third girl died just as paramedics were preparing to take her to the hospital.

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Several U.S. states, including New York where the United Nations is headquartered, have imposed a mandatory quarantine on healthcare workers returning from the region who had contact with Ebola patients.

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It was not immediately clear how France, which has more than 3,000 troops in the region, would react to any power struggle. French President Francois Hollande, who had discreetly sought ways to usher Compaore into an international role when his term ended next year, earlier welcomed his resignation and called for quick elections.

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In Iraq, government forces and Kurds have made gains against Islamic State in the north in recent weeks. But the U.S. air strikes have failed to stop the insurgents from advancing in Anbar, a vast western desert province straddling the Euphrates river valley from the Syrian border to Baghdad's outskirts.

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Highly regarded on the force — and viewed by many black leaders as crucial to building trust between cops and citizens — Philip Banks had accepted promotion from chief of department to Bratton’s first deputy commissioner, only to suddenly end his 28-year NYPD career.

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The separatists’ use of the phrase “national elections” - plus a recent contest for a Novorossian national anthem - makes a nonsense of that claim, leading some Ukrainian officials to believe the intention all along was to discredit Mr Poroshenko.

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"Even though it has been received very well, we need torethink our communication and better explain to costumers whythis is such a great product and how exactly to use it, beingsuch a new concept," Erenbjerg said.

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Several Cardinals were among thousands of people who crowded into a cemetery in the town of Sosua in the Dominican Republic for Tuesday’s burial of former major league outfielder Oscar Taveras, the 22-year-old slugger who died Sunday following a car crash.

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With Hollywood-grade stagecraft and professional actors, haunted houses are in increasingly high demand. One in five Halloween celebrants over the age of 18 plans to visit one this year, up from one in six in 2005, National Retail Federation figures show. There are about 2,000 haunted houses charging admission in the United States, according to HauntWorld magazine.

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Facebook's first day of trading on May 18, 2012 was plagued by technology problems, resulting in a delayed opening and tens of thousands of trade and cancellation orders being stuck in Nasdaq's system for more than two hours.

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Degrees "will have skills embedded into the curriculum and will introduce students to a broader approach to their field of study," Cook says. "In many cases, it may introduce them to skills not specific to a particular career — more transferable skills like writing, advanced reading and critical thinking."

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"I walked in the locker room and I said, 'Guys, we won but we didn't play well.' I think everybody missed wide open shots," Clippers coach Doc Rivers told reporters after his team had prevailed after five lead changes at Staples Center.

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Most victims of con artistry keep quiet. They don’t press charges because they can’t face the humiliation of standing up in court. They pretend it never happened, and put themselves through private agonies of self-blame. Being a writer, Kirn wrote about the experience, and recognised his own gullibility, neediness and vanity as an essential part of the story.

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The White House reportedly has instructed the military to keep the war contained within policy limits which include restrictions on which rebels can be trained to fight and what their roles will be in the field. The sources said Rice’s micro-managing of basic operational details is tying their hands and holding up progress.

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Though Stepan is eligible to come off injured reserve for Monday night's matchup with the Blues, there is no telling quite how far along Stepan will be until the team has a chance to evaluate him. “I would say it’s going to take a couple of practices to see how he feels,” Vigneault said. “I know he’s been working, been skating real hard the past three or four days and working in the gym.”

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A 21-year-old man was collared after he tried to carjack a woman driving her young daughter in a California parking lot and a pack of good Samaritans yanked him out of the driver’s seat, police said.

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In Larry Donnell’s mind, he cost the Giants that game two weeks ago, when he caught a third-and-8 pass for a first down, tried desperately to battle for a few extra yards, and was ultimately stripped, a turnover that essentially ended the Giants’ chances in what was a close game.

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No. 7 Mississippi’s Golson enters tonight’s showdown of Southeastern Conference Western Division powers sharing the national lead with eight interceptions, one per game. No. 4 Auburn’s Jones is tied for third with five picks in seven games.

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Further investigation by Hold and JPMorgan securityspecialists revealed that in April the hackers had obtained thewebsite certificate for the Corporate Challenge site's vendor,Simmco Data Systems, allowing hackers access to anycommunications between visitors and the website, includingpasswords and email addresses, the Times reported.

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Bumgarner didn’t just come out of the bullpen to aid the cause in Game 7. He took over the game, throwing five shutout innings to finish off the 3-2 victory and give the Giants their third world championship in five years.

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His decision-making on the field, however, doesn’t match his decision-making off it. Winston’s off-field transgressions include shoplifting at a grocery store and yelling a profane phrase at the school’s student union that prompted a one-game suspension last month. He faces a disciplinary hearing in December for an alleged sexual assault incident that took place in 2012.

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Hebei Governor Zhang Qingwei said in September that Hebei would step up efforts to curb pollution from sectors like steel, glassmaking and thermal power, adding that reducing smog during the APEC session was vital to protect China's "national image".

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Theteenrespondents also had a surprising amount ofcredit card debt, with an average of $749, up from $485 in last year’s survey. “Whatconcerns me is that young people are saddled with more debt,” Sherrod says.

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Gonzalez attributed Humira's sales growth to the wide rangeof approved uses of the drug, including for Crohn's disease andpsoriasis, and because it is still being introduced in morecountries 12 years after its U.S. launch.

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"He wasn't terribly keen on the idea of self-portraiture full stop," says James Hall, author of The Self-Portrait: a Cultural History - he doesn't believe the portrait was drawn by Leonardo. "He didn't much like the idea that the art work should be a portrayal of the artist. He wanted the art work to represent an ideal."

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The hot-tempered Grimm, a former FBI agent and Marine, got bad press in January when he threatened to throw NY1 reporter Michael Scotto off a Capitol balcony. “I’ll break you in half like a boy,” he said.

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Stuart Witt, chief executive of the space port, recounted observing what appeared to be the plume from the initial firing of the spacecraft's rocket as it was released from the mothership, an indication that engine ignition had been achieved. But he said officials were not ready to "speculate on the cause" of what went wrong afterward.

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But Vlad felt little more than enmity for his captors, according to Elizabeth Miller, a research historian and professor emeritus at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. This enmity may have been his motivation for siding with the Hungarians against the Ottomans when he eventually became ruler of Wallachia in 1448, Miller told Live Science.

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It all sets up the thrill of a Game 7 on Wednesday, and that would be a fitting way for the Royals to finish off a most unexpected title run — in the same type of do-or-die game with which it started.

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Any wolf roaming the Grand Canyon, in north-central Arizona, would be protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. If confirmed to be a western gray wolf, it would presumably have ventured hundreds of miles (km) south from the Northern Rockies, where the animals were reintroduced in the 1990s from Canada and are now estimated to number nearly 1,700 in that region.

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The BoE says safer banks will find it cheaper to raise funds, and that large banks that operate with dangerously low levels of capital effectively receive a public subsidy because investors think taxpayers will step in to stop them failing.

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In this paper learn why HP has the ability to provide integrated security not just for their printers, but across the entire organisational spectrum including servers, storage, networking, personal computers, and tablets. This breadth of software, hardware and services is what makes HP unique in the security market. Learn more...

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People with sleep apnea - some 18 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation - experience numerous pauses in breathing that can last from seconds to minutes. As a result, people with sleep apnea are often tired when they wake.

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Both crew members were test pilots for Scaled Composites, the Northrop Grumman Corp subsidiary that designed and built the spacecraft for Virgin and lost three other employees in a July 2007 ground test accident.

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Feelings can run high over the issue of surname change, as demonstrated by recent criticism of Amal Alamuddin's decision to change her name when she married George Clooney. Some feminists point out that women suffer serious detriment to their careers when they change their names - that they signal their submission to their husbands, and reinforce to their own children the idea that women are inferior to men.

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From there, they launched into a set meant to cover as many of their best known songs as possible. In contrast to the four shows leading up the finale, which interspersed golden oldies with surprises, here nearly every song could be found on their earliest, and most studied, albums. That is, their self-titled 1969 debut through 1973’s “Brothers and Sisters.”

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Second is the question of competence. The list of disasters is long, highlighted by the Obamacare rollout, the Veterans Affairs scandal and the pratfalls of the once-lionized Secret Service. Beyond mere incompetence is government intrusiveness and corruption, as in the overreach of national security surveillance and IRS targeting of politically disfavored advocacy groups.

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Daniel Ivascyn, managing director and Pimco's group chief investment officer, said in a news release: "Jeremie's return adds strength to Pimco's deep expertise in real return strategies, as we help clients navigate lower policy rates in The New Neutral which can leave their investments vulnerable to the corrosive long-term effects of inflation."

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