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In the film Patrick is a fiercely stubborn intellectual - a market Cumberbatch has since cornered with some aplomb over the last decade - and provides many of the laughs. It also features a host of future Cumberbatch collaborators, among them James McAvoy (whose character in Atonement is framed for a crime Cumberbatch’s commits), Rebecca Hall (his wife in Parade’s End), Mark Gatiss (the writer of Sherlock, as well as playing Mycroft in the series) and Charles Dance (who appears in The Imitation Game).

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"There are some conditions, for example osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, which are clearly directly associated with the menopause, whereas others are more associated with increasing age. Menopause provides women with an opportunity to review their health and lifestyle and to make changes which will benefit their future wellbeing," commented the study's lead author, Dr Roger Lobo.

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Public concern about the spread of the virus is high in boththe United States and Canada. Canada became the second developednation after Australia to bar entry for citizens from the threeWest African nations where Ebola is widespread.

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The De-Stress study by researchers at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) wants to create a better understanding of the factors that affect the health and wellbeing of people who care for someone with dementia. It also wants to assess how the stress of caring may affect the memory and attention of carers themselves.

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A coalition of voting and civil rights advocacy groups with more than 100 participating partners has launched a toll-free hotline to provide coast-to-coast voting advice, and state groups on the ground are reaching out to inform potential voters on the requirements.

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Debris that fell in the area could be used to further study the root cause of the launch failure. One woman who lives on the nearby Chincoteague Island in Virginia said in the report that she noticed pieces on the ground while she was out walking her dog.

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“California Chrome is actually training better than I had him prior to the Santa Anita Derby (which he won),” Sherman said. “He’s right on his game. He seems really happy. Of course, he loves Santa Anita. He has always trained good here.”

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The most traumatic backstory of all comes when Elsa describes how she was drugged as a prostitute and her attacker sawed off her legs with a chainsaw, filmed her torture, and then left her to die. This scene has a French Grand Guignol film feel, only Elsa is brutally tortured for real. This has to be one of the grittiest scenes across “American Horror Story” history and is very difficult to watch. Jessica Lange stuns in this shocking sequence that sheds so much light on the person Elsa lived on to become.

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Federer had narrowed the points gap on Djokovic in recent weeks but defeat in Bercy halted his charge, while Japan's Kei Nishikori and Raonic completed the line-up for the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals which will be played in London from Nov. 9-16.

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Speaking about Ms McClean's work, Hugh Mulholland, curator at the MAC, and the third judge, said: "From the first moment the judges saw the work during the adjudication stage we were enthralled.

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So Paulo state accounts for a third of Brazil's economy and 40 percent of its industrial production, and the water crisis is already crimping factory and farm output as well as the service sector in a stagnant economy.

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"It is an empowering tool which should be available to all AS patients to assist them in better managing their condition. So far, it has provided people with AS with educational information, a library of instructional exercise videos, from beginner to advanced levels, and the ability to track and monitor the user's progress over time," she explained.

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(Later, Booker replied to someone reposting one of my Tweets about the night, saying “if it only it were a true account.” But the senator didn’t offer his own account, or say what wasn’t true in mine. And his campaign didn’t respond to my requests for comment about the “Run With Cory” controversy.)

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UK researchers followed the progress of over 11,000 people born in 1958, until they reached the age of 50. Levels of physical activity and depressive symptoms were recorded at regular intervals during adulthood.

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The decoder made a “spectrogram – a visual representation of the different frequencies of sound waves heard over time. As each frequency correlates to specific sounds in each word spoken, the spectrogram can be used to recreate what had been said. They then applied the decoder to the brain activity that occurred while the participants read the passages silently to themselves.”

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The new 2F GPS satellites, which are designed to last 12 years, feature greater accuracy, stronger anti-jamming protection and a commercial aviation search-and-rescue signal. Three more satellites in the series are slated to launch next year, with the 12th and final member targeted to fly in 2016.

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While some analysts have said to expect another sea of"sale" signs in retail shop windows this Christmas, SuperGroupsaid it had no plans to change its pricing strategy in responseto the dip in trade, preferring to protect its brand.

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According to Roku, the streaming service has added the Google Play Movies & TV app to its Channel Store in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Canada. It joins the ranks of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and a ton of other different services that you can grab on your supported Roku device.

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Avramoglu, who looks after eight family members, said he has voluntarily increased the monthly rent 12-fold since 2007 and is willing to pay another 70 percent, or 5,000 lira ($2,230) a month for the 20-square-metre shop.

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Rapper Logic's "Under Pressure" debuted at No. 4, country music group Little Big Town's latest album "Pain Killer" notched No. 7 and a cappella group Pentatonix came in at No. 8 with its festive record "That's Christmas to Me."

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"We're looking at all angles to determine where they came from, to make sure it wasn't a grave robbery," Hohn said. "You could buy these skulls online. We also want to make sure there is nothing sinister, that no one was murdered."

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Children deemed to be overweight or obese will receive 'Your Child's Weight- a Guide to Preventing Childhood Obesity', while normal weight or underweight children will receive a guide on healthy eating and exercise.

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China already is a large producer of genetically engineeredcotton, and the country imports millions of tonnes of GMOsoybeans annually for pig feed. But consumer concern about thehealth risks of GMO crops has grown over the issue of humanconsumption of GMO grain.

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The lyrics “put on your slippers, turn on the TV” might not sound like they belong to a song by punk rock band The Jam. However, the band was formed in Woking in 1972, and often peppered their early songs with references to the slower pace of life. Smithers-Jones tells the story of a loyal workman commuting into the office everyday on the Waterloo line before being unceremoniously sacked by his boss; however, he is content to leave the city and finally relax.

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Early last year, a report on the 2012 anonymous survey results set off a furor when it estimated that 26,000 military members may have been sexually assaulted or subjected to unwanted sexual contact. Exasperated members of Congress complained that the Defense Department wasn't doing enough to combat sexual assault and tried, largely unsuccessfully, to force changes in the Pentagon's legal and command procedures.

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Although the nude colour is no longer widely available, Selfridges still have the gold style which you can click below to buy. Then, choose a frock from our high-street selection all featuring a thigh-high split like Amanda's does, and you'll be able to channel her look from head to toe

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An index for new orders - a proxy for foreign and domestic demand - retreated to 51.6 in October from September's 52.2. New export orders edged down to 49.9 in October, pointing to a contraction, from 50.2 in September.

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When I joined the NYPD back in 1984, I did so with the intent of advancing the diversity of our city’s law enforcement, both in the rank and file as well as in the leadership. Diversity in the NYPD matters.

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Speaking by phone on his way to board a plane with Tahmooressi, Richardson said the trio, along with talk show host Montel Williams, met with Mexico’s Attorney General and Ambassador to the US, advocating for his liberation.

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“After seeing the yen weaken 26 percent since mid-November 2012, companies and consumers squeezed by higher costs for energy and other imports would welcome some relief. Bankruptcies due to the weak yen more than doubled to 214 in the first nine months of 2014 compared with the same period a year ago, Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. said this month.

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Landlords want long-standing tenants to move out so they can lease the properties to new occupants such as chain stores and restaurants, which pay much higher rents. Greed may not always be the motive; Avramoglu's shop belongs to a local Catholic church whose congregation is much diminished and in need of money.

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The conviction of the former three top executives underlinesthe scale of the crisis at the historic Tuscan institution,going back to its disastrous 9-billion-euro acquisition ofregional lender Antonveneta in 2007, only months before theoutbreak of the global financial crisis.

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While technically not in flight, most experts, including Launius, count the Apollo 1 crew among space deaths. Gus Grissom, Edward White II, and Roger Chaffee died when flames engulfed their ship during a key ground test.

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** Dairy giant Danone SA will buy a 25 percentstake in China's Yashili International Holdings Ltd for $550 million, gaining an additional route into the boomingChinese market for infant milk formula.

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John Idzik learned that earlier this week after a bizarre press conference that opened with a buzzword-filled, 19-minute monologue. Now Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James Decker have learned the hard way not to poke the angry bears.

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Idzik maintained on SNY this week that he’s unsure whether Smith is a franchise quarterback, which wasn’t surprising considering the GM’s oblivious, rambling State of the Team message on Monday. The rest of the Milky Way knows the show should be over for Smith, whose forgettable season has included cursing at a fan, missing a meeting the night before a game, getting benched at halftime and accusing the media of “miscommunicated” messages. More than anything, Smith’s particularly putrid play is why the team should turn the page . . . or better yet, rip it out.

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It’s unfortunate; even Barbie has evolved, with girls offered Presidential Candidate Barbie, Pet Doctor Barbie and other models of high professional pursuit. But on Halloween, girls are being sold the idea that what they should really dress up as is some version of a prostitute, cleverly disguised as a police officer. What sort of job does that set her up to do — bachelor party stripping?

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But in a cruel twist, inflexible pension rules forced him in 2011 to do the one thing he knew would be financially disastrous: spend his pension pot on an annuity. This was an irreversible decision which has effectively locked him into a rock-bottom income for life.

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"I would call Tizen a non-starter which has been baking for such a long time that they probably have missed the boat on that one," she says. "They might still try to hold on to it to see what else they could do on watches, but that's not going to be the big saviour for them."

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"It's a tough loss that hurts a lot," Louisville coach Bobby Petrino said. "We got ahead of them and had opportunities. You've got to give Florida State credit when they were able to make plays when the pressure was on."

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Kilauea's current eruption began in 1983, and the fresh activity stems from a June 27 flow from its Pu'u O'o vent. That flow came to a standstill in September before resuming several weeks ago. It has crossed a road, overrun a cemetery and triggered methane explosions.

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