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You can trust the Little Mix girls to go all-out with their Halloween costumes. On stage, they always look amazing, and here you can see that they made a massive effort. Jade opted for full-on blue Avatar, Jesy went all sexy Dracula and Leigh-Anne Pinnock opted for leather and lace, the best combination.

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Photographer Ken Brown, who captured images of the moment a Virgin Galactic rocket ship exploded and broke up during a test flight over California, says the blast happened just after the spaceship was released from a carrier aircraft at high altitude

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Since he took office, Mayor de Blasio has drawn on my law enforcement experience, seeking my counsel on matters regarding public safety and policing minority communities. I have seen him lead from the front in the first 10 months of his administration, helping to repair and rebuild community trust in their police department.

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Count Dracula might be a fictional character who makes the blood curdle on Halloween, but his historical namesake is not. Vlad III, known in his heyday as Dracula or Drculea, in old Romanian was a medieval prince with a figurative thirst for blood.

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This action merely proves that Americans and Kurds are idiots. This action wastes resources on a town that cannot be resupplied without a massive waste of fuels, bombs, bullets, food, water, and time for troops, aircraft, ground vehicles, and weapons. The actions by US backers of Israel, former european colonial masters, and former Turkish (Ottoman) imperial masters recruits for IS (Arab) forces, making IS forces stronger in Syria and Iraq. I recommended precision airstrikes to allow the US to withdraw most of the 5,500 Americans from the US embassy in Baghdad, but the Obama regime chose to pursue some delusion of “victory” that has caused more US expenses and at least 2 US deaths.

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NHTSA on Thursday ordered Takata to provide documents andanswer questions under oath related to the government's ongoingprobe of the company's air bags and inflators, which can explodewith excessive force and spray metal shards into vehicleoccupants.

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"There's usually a certain cadence, and you see thingsoccurring, and the thing makes a contrail and the like. Becauseof the very light cirrus clouds, I was eyes on, but I didn't seeany anomaly. In fact it was when I wasn't hearing anything thatI became concerned. And I looked over at my colleague, and thenthere was a radio call, something about a chute."

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After losing the opening set tiebreak, he found his range on serve to level and recovered from a break down in the third set to finally subdue Anderson and qualify for the year-ender for the fifth year in succession.

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The lack of government foresight has ruffled many feathers, even abroad. The United Nations' special rapporteur on sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque, said the situation could have been avoided and that leakage from the water system is unacceptably high at 40 percent.

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“So in the short term all European states, including those prohibiting surrogacy on their soils, must formally recognise the filiation between the intended parents and those children born through surrogacy abroad.

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"Various studies have confirmed that oestrogen and certain types of HRT are beneficial if started soon after the menopause. Interestingly, data is emerging that some medications commonly used to prevent coronary heart disease, such as statins and aspirin, work well in men but not in women - most of the trials have mainly involved men. So HRT may be the best treatment to help fend off coronary artery disease in women," Dr Lobo said.

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The monthly average consumer expenditure of one-person households stood at 973,700 won in 2012, compared to 847,300 won per person for two-person households, in the latest available official figure from Statistics Korea.

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Eating disorders refer to a number of illnesses that are characterised by disordered eating patterns and negative thought processes about body weight and shape, that become deeply ingrained in a person.

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Leicester City vs West Bromwich Albion , Premier League - Latest score, news updates, live match report and result from the King Power Stadium on Saturday, November 1, 2014, kick-off 15.00 (GMT)

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Hollins reiterated that the latest injury is not expected to keep Lopez out long. The center suffered a similar mid-foot sprain to his right foot early in the 2012-13 season and returned to become an All-Star.

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We Are the Giant ends with Zainab talking about the spread of revolutions across the Middle East. ‘There are dictators using violence to put fear back on the streets and make people go back into their homes,’ she says. ‘But what they’re doing is the opposite. They’re creating heroes. Everyday heroes.’

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Legless Suzy (Rose Siggins) lost her legs at two and her parents left her in a basket at an orphanage. She grew up homeless on the streets and stabbed a man in the leg, filled with jealousy for what she couldn’t have, she hit an artery and he died. She turned to the freak show after tiring of the streets.

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Why a game changer? Because City Hall touted the project as proving that, in return for zoning approvals, it could push builders to set rents in at least 20% of their apartments at affordable levels — without granting tax abatements.

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With an abundance of crude oil due to the country's fracking boom pushing average U.S. retail gasoline prices to their lowest in four years, consumers have spare change to buy sweets at gas station stores, Hershey President and Chief Executive Officer John Bilbrey said on Wednesday.

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Growth, aging, bone metabolism, mood and pain are all regulated by serotonin, so blocking this neurotransmitter would have consequences throughout the body. Instead, the team focused their attention on disrupting communication between serotonin and the nerve cells in the spinal cord that relay the itching impulse from brain to skin.

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"I think we're going to give the money that's needed," Republican Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas told Reuters, when asked about emergency funds. "If they need more, they need to ask for it."

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The issue revolves around royalty payments that smartphone companies have to make to Microsoft in reciprocation of using its patents of the Android Operating System (OS). Most Android smartphone makers (excluding Motorola, which is embroiled in a lawsuit with Microsoft since 2010) have entered into agreements with Microsoft to pay this charge. Microsoft contends that Samsung caused delays in paying the $1 billion amount last year. The software giant is now demanding $6.9 million in interest payments.

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Burkina Faso is the latest African nation to catch fire, even if here this is a rare event in a relatively peaceful corner of West Africa. A day of violence and total confusion has it seems left the people in command of the streets, and determined to fight for their constitutional rights in Burkina, the “Land of honest men”.

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In addition to farming methods, bad weather can also affect bird numbers, as can disease. The growing UK population and the increasing need to use land for house building also means that there is less farmland for them to inhabit.

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In the last five years, the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division has opened more 20 investigations into police departments. Officials said the department had entered into 15 agreements with law enforcement agencies, including nine consent decrees similar to the one crafted with Albuquerque police.

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Arkadiusz Lewicki, said: “Entrepreneurs just have to get in touch with the local contact for the programme: a bank or a leasing company. It’s all done at the same office. It’s a one stop shop.”

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"We could see that the women who developed Alzheimer's disease had more often been identified in the personality test 40 years earlier as having neurotic tendencies. We found a clear statistical correlation for the women who had at the same time been subject to a long period of stress," noted the researchers from the University of Gothenburg.

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JS: I already hate the answer I'm going to give you - because it is an "only time will tell" answer. There is the potential that it will intensify strife. Although, on the strife-o-meter, we're already pretty much at 8,000 revs. So how much worse can it get? What we might see a lot more of is the presidential veto. But let's face it, it has hardly been functional and harmonious these past couple of years. Anyone remember the government shutdown?

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With the November election just days away — and a consensus building that the Republicans will come out of it in control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate — the question people are starting to ask is “What next?”

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The woman had not come into known contact with Ebola patients while in Africa, and had not been quarantined after arriving in Portland because there was no medical need, Dr. Paul Lewis, a public health officer in the Portland area, told a news conference.

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The combination of improving confidence, rising wages and a drop in gasoline prices to near a four-year low is a good omen for the upcoming holiday shopping season, particularly given that households have boosted savings to the highest level since December 2012.

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Directors of Petroleo Brasileiro SA, as the oilfirm is formally known, halted a Friday board meeting beforemaking any decisions and rescheduled it for Tuesday, a sourcetold Reuters without providing details. A possible fuel priceincrease was expected to be discussed on Friday.

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It said Hold Security began informing its clients of thebreach around August, and JPMorgan officials then told SimmcoData. The bank also looked at traffic on its own network anddiscovered the same hackers had breached that system.

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Brian Elliot, author and mining historian, said at the time: "After the miners' strike many sites were completely obliterated from the landscape. To have one part survive is important for future generations and marvellous news."

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"While officers are entitled to various classes of air travel depending on seniority, utmost economy would need to be observed while exercising the choice keeping the limitations of budget in mind. However, there would be no bookings in the first class," the finance ministry said.

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Louis Phipps, another of the researchers from Nottingham Trent University, said: "Our study indicates that, while vulture restaurants are a potentially useful tool for conservation, the wider impacts of their use need to be investigated - particularly as unintentional local increases in the abundance of other species are likely to alter ecosystem dynamics."

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Indeed, CFS affects between 1 and 4 million Americans, according to Zeineh. In addition to fatigue for six months or longer, symptoms include lower concentration and/or memory levels, a sore throat, tender lymph nodes, headaches, food intolerance, blood pressure and heart rate problems, joint and muscle pain, poor sleep and malaise.

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Winston’s TD pass to Lane with 12:48 left provided Florida State’s first lead and the game became a slugfest from there as Dyer answered for Louisville with a 1-yard TD run with 9:20 left. The Seminoles took charge from there with Cook’s TD run and Stevenson’s pass from Winston.

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"This research shows that far more family time is now being spent in front of a screen to the detriment of more healthy pursuits. The survey results put into stark relief the need to address the issue of a sedentary lifestyle from a young age, when healthy habits can be formed, particularly given the importance of cardiovascular fitness," he said.

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The Isles led, 1-0, heading into the second period when things began to get wild. Just 24 seconds into the five-goal frame, Isles forward Nikolay Kulemin inflicted an awkward hit on Winnipeg’s Mark Stuart, sending him crashing into the boards. Kulemin was given a five-minute major penalty and was ejected, leaving the Isles down a man for the rest of the night.

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