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Some 63 percent of Republicans are similarly focused on Islamic State, a militant group America is bombing in Iraq and Syria. That's 20 points higher than among Democrats, and a sizable spread also holds regarding Obama's healthcare overhaul.

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"I have heard a lot of stories in my career, but no-one has ever told me a story like Samuel's," Tomlinson, 66, told the audience at the premiere. "And Samuel is such a great story-teller," he added, crediting Willenberg's lucid passion and vivid memory with providing the film's powerful impact.


Clorox said it continued to expect full-year earnings fromcontinuing operations of $4.35 to $4.50 per share, and forecastflat sales mainly due to foreign currency declines in itsinternational markets, particularly Argentina.

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MOSCOW, Oct 31 (Reuters) - Russia could resume natural gasdeliveries to Ukraine as soon as next week if Kiev pays $2.2billion in debt and pre-payments, gas exporter Gazprom said on Friday, under a deal that also safeguards winterdeliveries to Europe.

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Fisher’s smartest move was sitting Anthony in the fourth quarter, no doubt resting him for Thursday’s game against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The game will mark the beginning of a new world for Jackson but an all too common fact of life for Knicks fans. For Jackson, gone are the days when he could sit back, cross his legs and call plays for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, win championships and eventually write books about the genius of the triangle offense. It’s a different ballgame in 2014.

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Unlike Idzik, Cashman made it a point to cultivate some friendly relationships with those asking the questions. You only have to read (or listen to them) to know this: The better Cashman is treated the more solid information they get.

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The heavy police presence and the aggressive tactics employed during the manhunt rattled many residents of the normally peaceful area of northeastern Pennsylvania, even as the shootings appalled the community. His arrest brought a palpable sense of relief to picturesque area.

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Xi has made weeding out corruption in the armed forces a top goal. This week the government said one of China's most senior former military officers, Xu Caihou, had confessed to taking "massive" bribes in exchange for help in promotions.

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The Federal Communications Commission received almost 4 million comments after it proposed new Web traffic, or "net neutrality" rules that prohibited ISPs from blocking content, but suggested allowing some "commercially reasonable" paid prioritization deals.

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"I didn't vote for sequestration, I'm for ending it,"Representative Jim Jordan said. Jordan, one of the mostconservative Republicans in Congress, told Reuters the"pressing" issues from Ebola to Islamic State representemergencies that need funding, though he added that he willinsist on spending reductions elsewhere in the budget to offsetincreases in spending for Ebola and the military.

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“We’ve tried to have more balance and we need more big plays,” Coughlin said. “The system itself providing opportunities is there, but we just haven’t done it. We haven’t thrown the ball down the field perhaps as much as we should, but we know the personnel and we know what they’re capable of doing.

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Campaign group Plantlife says such thefts are hard to prove. It's calling on walkers to monitor the routes they take and report thefts to them. It also wants protection in law on the places where rare plants grow, in the same way that rare animals' habitats are protected.

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We hope this is a useful tool for political junkies and the media at large. To the campaigns themselves, if our count doesn't match up with your own, we'd like to hear from you. Amendments to the charts will be part of the tracking process as some visits are more publicized than others. Email

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Out of sorts and on the verge of having its College Football Playoff prospects damaged, the Seminoles (8-0, 5-0 Atlantic Coast Conference, No. 2 CFP) recovered behind their Heisman Trophy quarterback and Cook.

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De Blasio and the Senate candidates he’s backing present themselves as would-be reformers of New York’s broken campaign finance system. In fact, the mayor has said he supports a Democratic takeover of the state Senate “so big money doesn’t dominate politics anymore.” Yeah, right.

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The meeting comes amid signs of stronger economic growth at home and weakness abroad. Aside from an Oct. 6 gathering of financial regulators, this would be the president's first meeting with Ms. Yellen since she was confirmed.

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The SNP's membership has also trebled to more than 83,000 since September's independence referendum, making it the UK's third largest political party with about twice as many members as both the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

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A day before his resignation, a state of emergency had been declared after the country’s parliament was destroyed, the state television building ransacked and several other government buildings torched, plunging the country into uncertainty.

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Why is the 30-year mortgage not suitable for many borrowers? Because the loan principal on a 30-year mortgage amortizes very slowly, borrowers accumulate little housing wealth for many years, except in the unusual case of substantial house price appreciation. This creates two serious problems for many borrowers. First, the absence of substantial home equity — and the likelihood of negative equity should house prices fall — leaves borrowers with few options other than default if they encounter financial difficulty. And second, the slow amortization means that borrowers do not build the wealth to finance major life cycle spending needs.

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This was brought home most profoundly by the videotaped beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff. It wasn’t just the savagery that affected so many Americans but the contempt shown by these savages for America — its power, its resolve. Here is a JV team (Obama’s erstwhile phrase) defying the world’s great superpower, daring it to engage, confident that America will fail or flee.

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Taylor Swift - for it is she - is a megastar with bells on. In person, she looks like a 1930s flapper siren, reimagined for a new age, with a touch of the girl-next-door thrown in. She is extremely polite and almost impossibly normal and, above all, fun.

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A southern secessionist movement and al Qaeda onslaught on security forces had already stretched the resources of the country of 25 million before the latest crisis, alarming neighboring Gulf Arab states.

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Driving to Horseshoe Lagoon, a beautiful curving expanse of inky-blue water and beach, we were surprised to see a table set up, with Matthew Ihinda, Nambwa’s chef from the five-star Heinitzburg Hotel in Windhoek, and Lusken Mupulanga, the waiter, preparing canapand drinks. Until now, Ihinda’s only experience of kudu, an elegant antelope, had been in Heinitzburg’s kitchen. and his wide-eyed look of awe, as a 50-strong elephant herd came to the water, was unforgettable.

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“We have to ask ourselves about energy and effort and we just got to get better at that,” Anthony said. “I’m not embarrassed. We lost and tip your hat off to Chicago for playing extremely well on all cylinders. We didn’t play well, but embarrassed, no, I’m not embarrassed. We will get better. I believe that. I know that. And we got another shot at it (Thursday) night.”

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Critics in this East African country see the presence — and honoring — of a delegation from North Korea as another sign of Museveni's diminished commitment to democracy after spending nearly three decades in power.

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Public provision of education is important because it promotes opportunity and social mobility for individuals and because the private sector underprovides access to higher education (since student loans aren’t easily collateralized). Public higher education funding essentially comes in two streams — the states fund and run public universities, while the federal government contributes a smaller supplementary mix of grants (mostly Pell grants), tax breaks and student loan subsidies.

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Editor Lounes Guemmache of the influential online news site Tout Sur Algerie said Tunisia erased the mistakes of Algeria's own failed democratic experiment when an Islamist victory at the polls in 1991 resulted in a military coup that plunged the country into a decade of bloody civil war. "A democratic process with Islamist forces is possible," he wrote.

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ZAGREB/BUDAPEST, Oct 31 (Reuters) - The United States ismounting a diplomatic offensive to stop Hungary selling a stakein a Croatian energy firm to Russia, part of what Western powerssee as Budapest's dangerous drift into Moscow's orbit.

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After Blackstone's latest deal, called Invitation Homes2014-SFR3, the firm has now financed more than a third of theUS$8.7bn it spent buying 46,000 homes in the aftermath of thefinancial crisis, according to a Kroll Bond Rating Agencypre-sale report.

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"Any attack like this has no justification in our borough or city and I call on everyone, particularly young people in Southwark or elsewhere who knew the victim, to restrain themselves from any further action which might make matters even worse."

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The Nets have arrived in Brooklyn. Celebrate the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets to the Barclay Center by owning a pic of your favorite Net. Or own a piece of Nets history with a photo of a Nets legend. Find a photo today.

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George Osborne has told the Bank of England that it should consider the potential effect on mortgages and other lending activity when introducing new rules on banks’ financial safety nets.

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The Knicks certainly weren’t telling false tales when they maintained throughout training camp that their newly installed offensive system via team president Phil Jackson and first-year coach Derek Fisher continues to be nowhere close to peak, or even acceptable, efficiency.

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It's a sudden turnabout for an industry that appears to be a victim of its own success. The high price of oil over the last decade was largely behind the push to mine shale oil through fracking, a controversial technique that uses high pressure to capture gas and oil trapped in deep rock.

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"We've had ranavirus causing common frogs to die in the UK for 20 years. We're constantly hearing from people walking out and finding dead frogs in ponds in their own backyards. People are in tears

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She said that many screening tools were developed in the US and do not apply here. One screening tool that is often used by GPs here - the CAGE questionnaire which is made up of four questions - can identify dependent drinkers, however ‘it does not necessarily identify risky social drinking which is very acceptable in countries like Ireland'.

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But preserving that unity be tricky, given the competing ambitions for leadership of the world's more than 30 million Kurds, the majority of whom are Sunni Muslim, but who tend to identify more strongly with their ethnicity than religion.

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Scratching is known to provide temporary irritation relief by generating a small amount of pain. For a short time, nerve cells in the spinal cord carry pain signals to the brain instead of itch signals.

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At least three bankers said, however, that it was wrong toassume that a bond deal would not go well just because thebridge risk was not sold. Bankers also pointed to the fact thatScientific Games had managed to place a separate US$2bnleveraged loan last month.

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The Mets outrighted lefthanded pitchers Scott Rice, who missed half the season after elbow surgery, and Dana Eveland, righthanded pitcher Buddy Carlyle and infielder Josh Satin to Las Vegas. They will become free agents.

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