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Immediately after World War Two, Trieste, on the border with Yugoslavia, was recognised as a free state under international law, though it remained under military occupation until 1954, when it was returned to Italy.

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Although Americans worry about the threat of the Islamic State militants, who have taken over parts of Syria and Iraq and beheaded two American journalists since August, they are deeply wary of another entanglement in the Middle East.

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The issue is not yet legally closed. The order will remain in effect until at least next week, when LaVerdiere has scheduled a hearing on the case. The hearing is expected to last two days starting on Tuesday morning, according to a scheduling order, and will give lawyers for the state another opportunity to plead their case before the judge for more restrictions on Hickox’s ability to travel freely in public, if they wish to.

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"It was a common theme for both companies," said Brian Youngberg, an oil company analyst with Edward Jones in St. Louis. "Refining exceeded expectations and basically offset lower oil prices and the lack of production growth."

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Fingerprint sensors may seem like the most secure way to lock your phone and protect your data, but according to a judge in Virginia, the police can compel you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint. The judge added that the police cannot force you to enter your passcode, though.

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Others shrug the issue off and say that women's names mean little to them, or point out that a birth name is usually the name of the woman's father anyway. Those who think a woman should change her surname often say that it's not really important, but, given the choice between the various options, they prefer to go with "tradition".

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Earlier this week, British bank Barclays set aside$800 million for FX-related settlements and Citi added afurther $600 million for legal costs, while Credit Suisse said$400 million would be kept back for future litigation.

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"All of the robust scientific data demonstrates that fluoridation protects against tooth decay. Studies of children's oral health consistently showed that those living in areas with fluoridated water had 18% less tooth decay than those living in non-fluoridated areas. To ignore this evidence is taking a big health risk," he insisted.

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"We also caution Russia against using any such illegitimatevote as a pretext to insert additional troops and militaryequipment into Ukraine, particularly in light of recentindications that the Russian military is moving forces back tothe border along separatist-controlled areas of easternUkraine," spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan added in a statement.

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By 2019, the UK’s eight biggest lenders – HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Santander, the Co-operative Bank and Nationwide – will have to adopt a leverage ratio of up to 4.95pc, which means holding almost 1 of capital for every 20 of lending.

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The camp is pretty special. Wooden walkways lead to the 10 luxury suites and main deck, all high above the ground to make way for trees and wildlife below: they take precedence here and not a single tree has been uprooted during building work. Our vast tent had a calming dr of pale wood and creamy taupe furnishings, en-suite bathroom and a living area complete with sofas, coffee table and candles. The expansive main deck houses the bar, dining area and fire pit, all overlooking a floodplain with a waterhole where we watched elephants, kudu, waterbuck, reedbuck, impalas and warthogs supping their sustenance.

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Of 123 hospitals of various sizes across the country contacted by Associated Press reporters, three said they lacked a plan for Ebola, and several others said their plans were evolving. Eleven said they had on-site incinerators for waste disposal. More than a hundred said they relied on outside contractors.

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The defending national champion Connecticut Huskies were the top dog when the American Athletic Conference unveiled a preseason poll of its coaches. UConn got six of 11 first-place votes and totaled 96 overall points. Southern Methodist, ex-Knicks coach Larry Brown's Mustangs, were second with the other five first-place votes and 94 points.

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Among banks, Credit Suisse said in August it was winding down its commodities trading, joining the likes of Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Barclays, which are either exiting or significantly downsizing their activities.

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But if we are going to reach the goal of eliminating serious injuries and fatalities in New York, the city needs to do more. Simply demarcating a bike lane with a painted line does not deter drivers from entering that space. Bike riders are as vulnerable as pedestrians and they also need protected space.

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“Is this a political event?” the town attorney asked during an Oct. 21 council meeting. “No,” Durkin replied. “We’re not raising any money at all. What he does is not part of my business.”

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According to Folha, the accord between the three companieswas not fully finalized, but they agreed in principle to pay31.5 billion reais ($13.1 billion) for TIM, the Brazilian unitof Telecom Italia SpA. That price would include a 5 percentpremium payout to controlling and minority shareholders of TIM,the paper added.

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The top-up payment is based on a calculation of how well EU economies have performed since 1995. The upward revision of Britain’s Gross National Income was carried out by the Office for National Statistics and agreed with Eurostat.

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The landlocked nation has become a key ally in Western operations against al Qaeda-linked groups in West Africa and the unfolding political crisis was being closely watched by the United States and France, which has a special forces base there.

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"Asteroids whose orbits pass between Earth and Mars offer a range of milestone destinations for testing distance and duration capabilities of human spaceflight. The first missions might last weeks and not go far; later excursions could last months and venture successively farther into interplanetary space, proving that Mars is within our grasp."

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The technology sector is considered relatively open in terms of sexual orientation. Around 15 percent of the U.S. tech workforce is gay or lesbian, according to data scientist Vivienne Ming, who is preparing a white paper on future labor markets for the White House and advocacy group StartOut. That's about on par with media, and ahead of health at 10 percent, finance at 9 percent, and government at 8 percent.

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The highest court in the land will rule on whether young people who have a right to be in Britain, but don't yet have permanent status, can access the same opportunities for higher education as everyone else.

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Television footage of the Virgin Galactic crash site showed wreckage of the spacecraft lying in two large pieces on the ground, and the company said the spacecraft was destroyed.Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said a debris field was spread over nearly two kilometres.

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The NCAA has predictably appealed the O’Bannon court’s findings. At this point, it remains to be seen whether Wilkens’ ruling will apply to every participant on men's and women's teams or only to full scholarship athletes; to athletes in all sports or only to athletes in revenue generating sports; and to every athlete, regardless of financial status, or to athletes in any sport who have a demonstrated financial need.

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“Our hearts are broken at the passing of our beautiful daughter,” the statement read. “Shay means everything to us. In Shay’s short life she has been a radiant light bringing us incredible joy and happiness. She has been a loving daughter, a caring sister, a devoted friend and a wonderful part of our community. We can’t imagine life without her.”

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"This programme set out to deliver training about asthma to Traveller healthcare workers, who have brought the knowledge back into the community allowing us to do strong work with families affected by asthma," Ms Collins said.

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But what is enough exercise? Most health experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week. Any activity will help but it has to be moderate, vigorous or high intensity if you really want to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and obesity.

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"Our hearts are broken at the passing of our beautiful daughter," Shaylee Chuckulnaskit's family said in a statement released by Providence officials. "Shay means everything to us. In Shay's short life she has been a radiant light bringing us incredible joy and happiness. She has been a loving daughter, a caring sister, a devoted friend and a wonderful part of our community. We can't imagine life without her."

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Nasdaq agreed in May 2013 to pay a $10 million penalty, arecord for a stock exchange, to settle U.S. Securities &Exchange Commission charges over its alleged "poor systems anddecision-making" for the IPO.

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"I talked to my brother enough about Phil that he knows what he brings to the table," Gasol said. "I don't know how much he's involved in the team, really. He's in an upstairs position, management position, he's not on the court every day, so it's something that he'll consider when he gets to that point."

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With a global pool of collectors competing for more than $1.5 billion worth of fine art, the city's top auction housesare expecting record values for trophy works at sales over thenext two weeks.

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Skagit County sheriff's deputies arrested a woman who police say sent a text message to a former boyfriend saying she would kill him and his friends and claimed to be on the campus at the time, the Seattle Police Department said in a statement.

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Officials with Hold Security said they were surprised to learn from a reporter that the information they had gathered about stolen passwords at the Corporate Challenge website played a critical role in helping JPMorgan solve its own even bigger and more significant data breach.

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Last year, my daughter, who was just 5 years old and in kindergarten, came home crying because she was the only girl not invited to another girl's play date. Although many might say, "Leslie, that's not bullying," it's where it starts. My daughter felt like no one liked her, and it has affected her level of confidence, which is something I am working hard on turning around.

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This is the same method which was used to calculate the 1.7 billion demand which was the result of a reassessment of national incomes carried out by statistics authorities in each of the 28 member states.

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The blue-chip FTSE 100 index was up by 1.1 percentat 6,534.07 points by the middle of the trading session - addingto a winning run over the last three days and extending arebound up off 15-month lows earlier in October.

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“Ideally, I’d love to see everyone start saving for retirement from their very first paycheck,” Weston says. She advises young people to think not so much about retirement, but about saving for the life they want at all stages. Being ahead on savings may provide you the flexibility to take time off to stay home with kids, pay for a trip around the world or survive being laid off in your 50s.

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"We are pleased that the City of Stockton will emerge frombankruptcy and can now chart a path forward under a plan ofadjustment that protects the pension promises made to its publicemployees," Anne Stausboll, Calpers chief executive officer,said in a statement. (Reporting by Tim Reid in Los Angeles; Editing by LisaShumaker)

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Idzik drafted Sheldon Richardson, who was voted defensive rookie of the year last year, but he’s the only impact player among the 19 players he’s drafted in two years. He hasn’t signed an impact free agent. He has revamped the Jets roster in less than two seasons — he’s brought in 33 of the 53 players on the active roster and all five players now on injured reserve. That’s 65.55%, a huge turnover in such a short period.

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O’Brien would eventually be given his job back but Nagle finished the season after O’Brien joined DE Jeff Lageman with a season-ending knee injury. In all, Jets players, including 10 starters, would miss a total of 101 games due to injury.

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