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During this time the country has suffered. It is one the 10 least-developed nations in the world, and one of the poorest. Eighty percent of the population lives off agriculture, and more than 40 percent live in poverty.This has all been silently bottled up until recently.

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The Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned before that if health spending is again protected from spending cuts, departments not afforded such protection would see reductions totalling a third between 2010 and 2018, which might be too painful to bear.

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"The judges know that an adverse decision now will trigger a multimillion-dollar campaign against them the next time, both for retribution and to replace them with more friendly judges," he writes. "Will that affect some rulings? Of course."

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"This programme set out to deliver training about asthma to Traveller healthcare workers, who have brought the knowledge back into the community allowing us to do strong work with families affected by asthma," Ms Collins said.

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FILE - In this March 12, 2014, file photo, Washington's Nigel Williams-Goss, right, passes off the ball against Utah's Jeremy Olsen in the first half of an NCAA Pac 12 conference tournament college basketball game in Las Vegas. With the departure of Washington's leading scorer C.J. Wilcox to the NBA, Williams-Goss is a prime candidate to fill the void this season. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, file)

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I saw the men trying to push back the layer of foam on top of the water to make enough space for the women to stand in order to complete the rituals before sunrise. It was quite a struggle, man against foam.

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"The main message for me from this report is the idea ofgoing to zero" net emissions, said Niklas Hoehne of climateconsultancy Ecofys, an IPCC author of studies looking atregional responsibility.

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For the quarter, Starbuckst earned $587.9 million, or 77 cents per share. Not including one-time item, it earned 74 cents per share, which was in line with Wall Street expectations, according to FactSet.

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And it’s not up to Manning alone, because while Coughlin admitted that “we haven’t thrown the ball down the field, perhaps, as much as we should,” his battle cry was heard by the entire team.

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Earth to the “SHALLOW MINDED PEOPLE “(who think girls are responsible ) , 90% OF the cases, involved girls who were properly covered DUH people clear your facts out then utter such statements about us. What about the 5 yr old girl , who was raped brutally ?? was she wearing make up jewelry or revealing clothes??? Give your shallow mind a rest and GET A LIFE PEOPLE. We have the right to wear anything we want to. Who are you all to dictate us what and what not to wear. Those girls who wear shorts are rarely raped as compared to those girls who were properly covered. Get your facts and head right. Was the 6 yr old girl who lived in a slum raped because of her clothes? Could she afford shorts or revealing dresses?? Instead of blaming us blame those monsters who raped all those poor victims just because they wanted to get some PLEASURE out of it , it is not because of their mental state. Instead of encouraging us to join defense classes you want us to be caged in the four walls of our house? A cage of four walls is that our future

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"Noise, a large group of people, and their own anxiety of trying to self calm in the room can lead them to become over loaded and not follow instructions. Going into a school can feel overwhelming. If teachers don't understand this complex condition, the child can end up with severe anxiety and low self-esteem," she said.

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The ambassador, Samantha Power, said current federal rulesbalanced "the need to respond to the fears that this hasgenerated" with the known science on the disease. She alsopraised the airlines that continue to fly to countries battlingEbola outbreaks.

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The average hack relies heavily on "off-the-shelf" tools that are commonly available in the darker corners of the Web, analysts say. But worming your way into a particular computer network requires some custom tools. Hacking groups tend to have a particular, identifying style when building their malware.

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The build-up to the home opener was intense. The streets around Quicken Loans Arena were teeming with fans hours before tip-off. The plan was to have a small percentage walk through Gilbert’s strategically placed casino before entering the Q. There was a large media presence and a few A-list celebrities sitting courtside. The Cavs’ 82-game circus, plus playoffs, is just beginning.

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The study found that 51% of the teenagers were overweight, while 22% were obese at the 10-year follow-up. However among teenagers who never ate meals with their families, 60% were overweight and 29% were obese.

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In fact, going up a skirt size over a 10-year period increased the risk of developing breast cancer after the menopause by 33%. Going up two skirt sizes over a 10-year period was linked with a 77% increased risk.

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Also on Friday the Pentagon said that civilian U.S. defense employees returning from Ebola relief work in West Africa must undergo monitoring to ensure they are free of disease but can choose between following civil health guidelines or the stricter military regimen.

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"Let's hope (Ebola) forces the hand to increase military spending and make savings and reductions other places so that we actually are treating taxpayers with the respect that they deserve," he said. A year ago, he vowed that Republicans would stay united in defending the spending caps.

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To encourage more growth, China has cut taxes, quickened some investment projects, lent short-term loans to banks, instructed local governments to spend their budgets and reduced the amount of deposits that some banks hold as reserves to spur lending.

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It wasn’t all Kotite, of course. After going 3-13 under Kotite in 1995, the Jets spent $88 million in offseason signings, including their biggest-yet free agent contract, $25 million for Neil O’Donnell, goat of the previous Super Bowl. O’Donnell threw seven interceptions while losing the first six games of the season before being injured, as his leadership and toughness were questioned.

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About 560,000 active duty, National Guard and Reserve members were invited to fill out the questionnaire — about five times the number the survey was sent to two years ago. Officials will not say how many responses they have received so far.

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It emphasised that there are ‘no known cases of Ebola in Ireland presently', but if a case was to be detected, the main concern would be the treatment of the patient ‘and containing the situation'.

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A year earlier, owner Leon Hess uttered the famous line, “I’m 80 years old and I want results now.” That meant firing Pete Carroll after one season and replacing him with Kotite, who had just been sent packing by the Eagles. Hess, who was fond of Kotite from his days as a Jets assistant, called the Brooklyn-born ex-Giant a “Dese and Dose guy,” a down-to-earth players coach.

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Mr Belhaj, now a politician in Libya, said: "My wife and I are gratified by the judges' decision to give us our day in court," adding their alleged torture was "as fresh and as painful for us as if it happened yesterday".

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As well as a president, voters in each republic be asked to elect members of a Supreme Soviet, or parliament - a deliberate nod to the days of the USSR, when Ukraine and Russia were as one.

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On Thursday, Takata agreed to add two production lines tomake more air bag parts. The pledge came at a meeting with theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which said onFriday that the effort might not be enough.

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Shares in F&N and its parent company, Thai Beverage PCL, will resume trading on Monday, after they requestedthe Singapore Exchange halt trading of their shares on Friday. (Reporting by Rujun Shen and Rachel Armstrong; additionalreporting by Saeed Azhar; editing by Susan Thomas)

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Authorities said they were trying to reconstruct his time on the run. They believe Frein broke into cabins and other places for food and shelter, and he evidently found time to shave — he had a neatly trimmed goatee when he was caught.

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The surprise was that the Giants apparently didn’t try very hard to hold onto Beltran, who signed a two-year, $26 million deal that winter with the Cardinals. Giants’ people say Beltran didn’t show much interest in staying, but they also weren’t willing to offer a longer-term deal.

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"He was in a significant amount of stress due to suspension trauma, hanging in the harness for that long. But, all-in-all when we got him on the ground he was able to walk," Hendricks told St. Louis television station KMOV.

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Public health experts, the United Nations, federal officials and even President Barack Obama have expressed concern that state quarantines for returning doctors and nurses could discourage potential medical volunteers from fighting the outbreak at its source in West Africa.

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That means software that is available on all devices, and operating systems — as well as hardware that leads the fitness wearable area. Microsoft wants to take advantage of what Google and Apple have started. They’ve both created places on their devices where a lot of health information can be stored. Yet, there isn’t any one, definitive, maker of the hardware to track it all — as there is with the few companies that streamline the software most-effectively.


In Larry Donnell’s mind, he cost the Giants that game two weeks ago, when he caught a third-and-8 pass for a first down, tried desperately to battle for a few extra yards, and was ultimately stripped, a turnover that essentially ended the Giants’ chances in what was a close game.

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Kilauea has erupted continuously from its Pu'u O'o vent since 1983, with its latest lava flow beginning on June 27. The last home destroyed by lava on the Big Island was at the Royal Gardens subdivision in Kalapana in 2012.

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In all, 31 states have some form of voter identification law in effect for next week, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures, including seven with strict requirements for photo IDs.

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Maybe if Idzik had more practice at this, more frequent interaction with the media, he might have been able to deliver the word in the clutch. Similar to not signing a quality cornerback, getting involved with the media was not an Idzik priority.

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The New York Times said the breach was part of a repositoryof a billion stolen passwords and usernames from some 420,000websites that a Milwaukee-based security consulting firm, HoldSecurity, had traced to a gang of Russian hackers.

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In the modern era of politics, where everything is politicized and all things politicized are polarized, it was inevitable that a nurse who risked her health and life to treat Ebola patients in West Africa would become a symbol of how one feels about the government. There are those who think of Maine nurse Kaci Hickox as a heroine, and those who see her as some sort of defiant Typhoid Mary. And it’s a measure of how partisan our nation has become that the warring opinion nations are divided not by intellectual disagreement, but what party the president is, what party the governor belongs to and what party Hickox favors.

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If the organization had postponed Idzik’s press conference, the GM would have been accused — once again — of hiding in the bunker. So? It would not have been the first time he took a hit for being inaccessible. Being accused of ducking the media goes down a lot more easily than columnists and VOS Gasbags calling for Idzik’s dismissal while portraying him as totally clueless.

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''Super Mario Bros'' creator Shigeru Miyamoto together with Nintendo character Mario (L) seen during a news conference at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014.

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