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However, Stepan could return any time between now and Nov. 11 pending doctor’s orders, Vigneault said, and when the Rangers center comes back, there will be depth roles — and perhaps regular roster spots — to be gained or lost.

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Argentine cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich said on Thursday that instead of accelerating, those bondholders who accepted steep writedowns in 2005 and 2010 debt swaps should sue U.S. District Judge Griesa for blocking interest payments.

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CLEVELAND — LeBron James could not have played any worse, from the opening tap to the final buzzer. And this was his homecoming, no less, a day James matter-of-factly called “probably one of the biggest sporting events that is up there ever.”

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Ukraine also seems to have put something else behind it — its longstanding reputation as a killing ground for Jews. That centuries-old miasma of slaughter is exactly what Putin called to mind with his conspiracy comments. It is so powerful, because it has been so awful.

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David Campbell, winner of a $100,000 prize this year, wanted to help after the Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated parts of Southeast Asia in 2004. A senior executive at several software and Internet technology companies, he figured he could help by creating a Web-based tool to organize volunteer tsunami relief efforts. That led him to start All Hands Volunteers, which has worked on 45 disaster relief projects in six countries and dozens of U.S. locations. The non-profit uses the Internet to route volunteers to places where they can be put to work effectively.

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Lt Col Zida's statement, broadcast on Radio Omega FM, came after a resident living near the presidential palace in Ouagadougou reported hearing several minutes of heavy gunfire in the early hours of Saturday.

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They made the request as thousands of protesters remained encamped in Admiralty district and marked their month-long pro-democracy movement with a moment of silence. It lasted for 87 seconds, representing the number of times the police force used tear gas on September 28 to disperse protesters.

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Bumgarner came out of the bullpen in the fifth inning on two days’ rest after pitching so brilliantly in Game 5, throwing a shutout at the Royals that goes in with everything that has happened in the Series since Don Larsen’s perfect game. And he gave up a hit to start his night and then he gave up another one with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the bottom of the season that put Alex Gordon on third base with the tying run and might even have scored Gordon if he had taken the chance.

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“Bumgarner is the beast, the man,” Aden Bacus, 41, shouted after the exhausted pitcher secured a series of strikes on the heels of giving up a gasp-inducing triple. “I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous there at the end.”

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Her departure is a huge blow for Home Secretary Theresa May after the previous chairwoman, Baroness Butler-Sloss, also had to quit because her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was attorney general during the same period. Mrs May - who will make a Commons statement on Monday - said she would be meeting survivors' groups and consulting with relevant parliamentarians before appointing a successor.

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Almost two in three people with dementia live at home and most of these are cared for by a member of their family. There are an estimated 50,000 family carers in Ireland caring for people with dementia.

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As a saver, I have been well and truly shafted. First endowments and more presently pensions, where the money you put in is going to be less the you'll get out. Savings accounts lose money because of the stupidly low interest rates & while ISA's are good value, they'll not make up for the rest. If I could go back in time to black Wednesday in 92, I'll borrow & borrow buying up house after house

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"Considering the urgency of saving the nation, I havedecided to assume from today the responsibilities of head ofstate," said the bespectacled Traore, wearing military fatiguesand flanked by other officers.

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Advisers who fear their business will be undercut byproducts like these should remember that the current competitivethreat is tiny, accounting for less than $5 billion in assets,said Sophie Schmitt, senior analyst at Aite Group, a researchfirm. So, panic isn't necessary, though it's probably a goodtime to make some moves.

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The building work is virtually complete except for the large basement space which formerly contained the BBC canteen. "For now we're leaving that as a shell until it's clear what the new tenants want. The Aldwych area is changing fast and there might be room for an up-market restaurant there in a way no one would have foreseen a few years ago."

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Anderson's death was not announced by his family but was confirmed Friday by The Associated Press through public records. The records say Anderson died at a nursing home in Vero Beach, Florida, on Sept. 29. No cause of death was given.

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Also helping to galvanize Republicans is their frustration over six years of Democratic control of the White House. The president's party has lost seats in Congress in nearly every midterm since 1934.

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Even a trip to the shops with cash rather than cards presents difficulties. "Big notes have their serial numbers tracked by the banks. If you take one out of the cash machine and give it to the shop they will pay it straight back into the bank and then you can be tracked."

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Nearly a dozen homes north of Los Angeles were evacuated over mudslide concerns, a fire captain said early Saturday, after storms that rained on the San Francisco Giants' World Series championship parade moved south.

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The helplessness isn’t apparent. Just 5ft 1in, Margoyles comes across as a cross between a terrifying dowager and a cheeky toddler (“I’m irritated that I’m still a fat old woman. I am frustrated. I only have myself to blame”), with bright eyes, a halo of curls and contrary opinions on virtually everything. Recently she’s been outraging fellow Jews with her criticisms of Israel's interventions in Gaza. “But they are wrong and I am right. You just can’t bomb civilians, you can’t lob bombs on a hospital and it’s baffling why Israel can’t see this, because Jews are supposed to be clever.”

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Propylene glycol is also used in e-cigarette manufacturing, says Chris Kinnserley, a food safety expert, though some users have raised concerns that it can cause an allergic reaction, causing throat irritation. As a result some e-cigarette manufacturers have swapped out propylene glycol for vegetable glycerine, a plant-based alternative also used in the food and drink industry.

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Closest of the British runners was Brian Meehan’s Faithful Creek in fifth. “I had to switch him three times and was never able to get a dig into him,” said Kieren Fallon. “With a clear run I’d have been running Frankie down.”

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The Lakers offered money, but with all due respect to Bryant, a suspect roster. Chicago offered a contending team and a promise for more money in two years. Maybe if the Bulls had the proper salary-cap space, Anthony would be opening the season on Wednesday at Madison Square Garden dressed in red with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol as teammates.

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“I cannot travel anywhere,” Kargbo told the Daily News via email. “Visas are too difficult. I am from an Ebola country now. But I also don’t have the money for travel. I am still training, but for what I am not sure now. My career is on hold. I have no competitions to aim for, this is my problem.”

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Struggling to stop a record flood of child migrants to the United States earlier this year, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have drawn up a plan to improve energy supply and infrastructure in the impoverished and violent region.

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The former parish priest and deputy leader of Sheffield city council will take office on Monday as a replacement for ex-Labour PCC Shaun Wright, who resigned last month in the aftermath of the Alexis Jay report into child sex abuse in Rotherham.

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"Now we can just focus on what's important, and that's being the best team and the best organization we can be," Crawford said of the new era now under way for the Clippers with Sterling a fading, if still bitter, memory.

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Virgin ultimately was planning to add four more suborbitalspacecraft to its fleet, along with a second White Knightcarrier jet. Plans call for the fleet to fly out of a newcommercial space port in Las Cruces, New Mexico, once thecompany completes all test flights and is certified forpassenger service to begin.

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Savings are vital if Kenya is to avoid loading up tooheavily on foreign debt to fix roads, pave dirt tracks and buildpower plants to meet the needs of businesses which frequentlycomplain about the cost of electricity and outages.

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Everyone from Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner to GM Brian Cashman to Joe Girardi has said that Rodriguez is the scheduled starting third baseman if he proves healthy in spring training and demonstrates that he has the elite skills to play the hot corner. Girardi has also discussed Rodriguez possibly playing first base, according to Cashman.

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Moore has played sparingly this season, although Reese called for him to see more snaps. . . .CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (back/leg) went through a limited practice for a second straight day.. . . OL Geoff Schwartz (toe) will likely not be activated off short-term injured reserve this week, Coughlin said.. . . DT Cullen Jenkins (calf) and RB Rashad Jennings (knee) both did not practice.

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Swedish researchers monitored 800 women over the course of almost four decades. When the study began in the late 1960s, all were middle-aged and each underwent a personality test, which included a measurement of their levels of neuroticism.

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In recent weeks, I’ve talked about these choices, from raising the minimum wage to creating new jobs in construction and manufacturing.Today, I want to focus on what I discussed with those women -- the choices we need to make to help more women get ahead in today’s economy.

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If the state loses in court, the next governor would face a huge bill. It could cost the state at least $220 million annually to pay down an extra $2.5 billion in unfunded liabilities, state data showed.

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''This fits very well with the idea that itch and pain signals are transmitted through different but related pathways. Scratching can relieve itch by creating minor pain. But when the body responds to pain signals, that response actually can make itching worse.''

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U.S. officials say that demarche was the result of growing exasperation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has pushed judges into retirement, imposed heavy levies on foreign banks, and this week sparked huge protests with a proposal to tax Internet use.

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Islamic State militants have killed or displaced Shi'ite Muslims, Christians and other communities deemed enemies of their ultra-radical brand of Sunni Islam. They executed at least 220 Iraqi Sunnis in retaliation for opposition to their takeover of territory west of Baghdad this week. [ID:nL5N0SP5O5]

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After Kirn delivered the dog, Clark took him to dinner at a private club on the 56th floor of the MetLife building. ‘Seeing the waiters scraping and fawning over him, calling him “Mr Rockefeller”, it made a strong first impression,’ Kirn says. ‘From where I was sitting I was looking straight across at the Rockefeller Center, which he called “the family building”.’

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Brooklyn: Bramhall can make fun of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight all he wants (Oct. 30). But the truth is, if we had some politicians like him in Washington, something constructive might actually get accomplished.

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of it anonymous out-of-state money, has been flowing to backers of a November 4 ballot initiative in Phoenix that aims to end traditional public pension plans for the city's new hires.

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