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Gareth Berry, a currency analyst with UBS, said both theBoJ's monetary easing and the announcement by the GovernmentPension Investment Fund are likely to propel dollar/yen higher,taking the pair closer to their three-month forecast of 115 yen.

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"I think improving specs on the mid-tier products by using features like a full metal body is something that Samsung needed to do to respond to the Chinese rivals," said Seoul-based IBK Asset Management fund manager Kim Hyun-su, who holds Samsung shares.

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With fears running high of potential clashes between rival branches of the army, Zida met for talks with Traore and other military top brass later on Saturday at the main military camp in Ouagadougou.

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"I just read this book by Peter Evans called The Secret Conversations, the Ava Gardner biography. It is not necessarily biography; it is a book he wrote about the process of interviewing her for her biography that she then decided she didn't want to do."

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The first meeting between two teams expected to challenge each other for supremacy in the Eastern Conference was as tight as advertised, with several swings down the stretch and a superstar carrying his team in the end. James was at his best after struggling the previous night. He scored eight points in the extra period, and the Cavaliers gave coach David Blatt his first win after opening with a loss at home to New York.

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The filing late on Thursday stems from Microsoft Corp's lawsuit accusing Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of breaching a business collaboration agreement. The lawsuit,filed earlier this year in a New York federal court, says SouthKorean smartphone company Samsung still owes $6.9 million ininterest on more than $1 billion in patent royalties it delayedpaying.

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"It's a very bifurcated market right now, and this deal willtell us more about risk appetite in a market where high-qualitydeals are going well, but where riskier credits are getting alot of pushback," said one senior leveraged finance banker.

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Brian Elliot, author and mining historian, said at the time: "After the miners' strike many sites were completely obliterated from the landscape. To have one part survive is important for future generations and marvellous news."

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JS: Great question. Reminds me of Churchill's comment about democracy - it's the worst of all systems until you consider the alternatives (someone is going to give me the accurate version of that) - money in politics is ugly, has the power to corrupt, can be sleazy. But I am not sure state funding of political parties is good either - because then what motives do the politicians have to connect with the people they seek to represent? But I don't like it becoming like an arms race. Although I did enjoy the spectacle at the last US presidential election of one or two people spending MILLIONS, and getting nothing in return for it.

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Innocent enough, except it didn’t dawn on Decker that not many Jets fans love their 1-7 team right now. So he received a bunch of sarcastic responses and was taken to task by displeased Gang Green supporters.

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Editor Lounes Guemmache of the influential online news site Tout Sur Algerie said Tunisia erased the mistakes of Algeria's own failed democratic experiment when an Islamist victory at the polls in 1991 resulted in a military coup that plunged the country into a decade of bloody civil war. "A democratic process with Islamist forces is possible," he wrote.

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“We’ll see what happens next year, what he decides,” Pau Gasol said. “Hopefully he’ll have a strong year and all the options in the world because he’s one of the top centers, interior players in the league. So any team would be fortunate to have him. I talked to my brother enough about Phil that he knows what he brings to the table.”

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Former North Carolina Panther Frank Garcia lost $8,000 this summer during a similar phone call. "The way they manipulate you, you're not thinking straight," Garcia told the paper. "I had filed for an extension and thought it could easily be a mix-up."

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Capitalising on the frustration among protesters, a group ofjunior officers led by Lieutenant Colonel Zida -- who commandsthe army's best trained and equipped force - quickly moved tochallenge Traore's authority, announcing curfew measures and theclosure of borders.

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In his ruling, Kronstadt limited the analysis to be made by a jury to how the compositions appear on sheet music, not how "Blurred Lines" and "Got to Give it Up" sound to listeners.

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Under the deal, America Movil would keep 40 percent of TIM'sbusiness, Oi would take 28 percent and Telefonica about 32percent, the first source said. America Movil,controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, confirmed inSeptember it planned to join talks with Oi to make a joint bidfor TIM.

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The rate hike was also intended to keep rampant inflation – now at 8.4 percent – in check as the central bank struggles with an economy weakened by plunging global oil prices and Western sanctions.

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This is so absurd. She cannot infect anyone unless she is actively showing symptoms of the virus, which to date she has not. This is nothing but pandering to uninformed fears. Does anyone honestly think that if she starts feeling ill, she will deliberately go out in public?

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But what will be remembered from Game 7, from this remarkable baseball night, from this wonderful World Series, was Madison Bumgarner. Once, in 2001, Randy Johnson started Game 6 for the Diamondbacks and then came out of the bullpen to win Game 7 because Luis Gonzalez managed to get a ball over Derek Jeter’s head.

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The prospect of a downgrade to non-investment grade, or junk, would mark a fall from grace for Britain's biggest private employer, a staple of British pension funds which was rated A1 by Moody's in 2008.

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A 2-year-old girl who brought Ebola to Mali may have hadcontact with up to 141 people, 57 of whom have yet to be traced,according to experts from the WHO and U.S. Centers for DiseaseControl concerned it could spread in Mali and beyond.

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Florida State began its comeback just before halftime when Winston, shaking off two interceptions that Louisville turned into 14 points, led the Seminoles 78 yards on a drive that ended weird touchdown when Nick O’Leary recovered Karlos Williams’ fumble in the end zone.

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About 500 delegates, including scientists and government experts, are meeting in Copenhagen to edit the report, which is meant to guide policymakers in setting national goals for a global climate deal at a U.N. summit in Paris in late 2015.

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** A military-linked Myanmar conglomerate, Myanma EconomicHoldings Ltd (MEHL), said it has won an arbitration case againstSingapore's Fraser and Neave Ltd (F&N) that will giveit the right to buy the latter's stake in Myanmar's biggestbrewery.

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Crist, a former Republican governor, ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate as an independent in 2010 and became a Democrat in 2012. Republicans have hammered him as an opportunist, but Crist said he became disillusioned with Republicans.

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An Oregon resident was hospitalized on Friday for a possibleEbola infection after traveling to West Africa, according tostate health officials. The woman registered a high temperatureand is in isolation and not a danger to the public, OregonHealth Authority said.

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What I hope policymakers can learn from a history like this is that it’s time to try more collaborative ideas. Teachers feel really shut out of the political debate around education, but some of the best ideas come from teachers, and we need more avenues for teachers to get involved in the policy debates.

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“It’s heartbreaking,” Wittenberg said. “Six weeks ago, he wrote how much he appreciates so much support. They can’t go anywhere, and he’s not running much. He is one of the ambassadors for the people working on joining a leadership group out in the neighborhoods.”

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The Albuquerque City Council is scheduled to vote on the agreement next week. Later in November, the city of Albuquerque and Justice Department officers will file the settlement agreement in federal court for approval and entry as an order.

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The unfolding crisis is being closely watched by the UnitedStates and former colonial power France, which were closemilitary allies of Compaore. Under his rule, Burkina Faso becamea key ally in Western operations against al Qaeda-linked groupsin West Africa, but a coup d'etat would freeze U.S. militarycooperation.

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Compaore stepped down on Friday after two days of mass protests against his attempts to change the constitution to extend his 27-year rule. At least three people were killed after protesters stormed the parliament building and set it on fire.

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"We appeal to all drivers to support the national ‘Slow Down' day by slowing down, but also by driving with dipped headlights on, which will increase your visibility. Together, we can reduce the number and severity of road traffic collisions and make this October bank holiday period as safe as it can be," Chief Superintendent O'Sullivan said.

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Television footage of the Virgin Galactic crash site showed wreckage of the spacecraft lying in two large pieces on the ground, and the company said the spacecraft was destroyed. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said a debris field was spread over more than a mile.

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She insisted that because of the pressure on the PDS, the ability of dentists to treat children and special needs groups is being undermined. She also pointed out that morale among dentists is at an all time low.

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The NYPD —wary of recent “lone wolf” jihad attacks in Queens and Canada — is stepping up security at the New York City Marathon this coming Sunday, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Thursday.

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RBS's overall position improved slightly in the three months to September 30, with its core tier 1 ratio - a key measure of financial health - up 0.7 percentage points to 10.8% in the quarter. It aims to raise the figure to 12% by the end of 2016.

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Sailing with the wind, we had no wind. Skies were blue. Fulmars tilted and glided across the bows, where a crew member took advantage of the sunny weather to whitewash the paintwork with a small roller. Up on the bridge wings Pierre Richard, resident whale expert, was on permanent lookout. “Where the Arctic current meets the Gulf Stream, that should be productive,” he said.

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Let us remember that one of the criticisms of the invasion of Iraq was that Saddam Hussein no longer had stockpiles of any WMD. The WMD that the Islamic State group has obtained are from Hussein’s cache. Instead of focusing attention on the real issue, the media have diverted attention to asking who is responsible for the security of these stockpiles. This is tangential at best. The real issue is the use of a WMD against soldiers and civilians in Iraq by a transnational terrorist group. It is the only issue of importance, and any attempt to divert our attention to something else has a sinister tone at best.

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"It's just a good day," Hickox said. "I am taking things minute by minute. Tonight, I am going to try to convince Ted to make me my favorite Japanese meal. And I think we're going to watch scary movies since it's Halloween."

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The sales kick off on Tuesday at Sotheby's, which will hold its sales of Impressionist and modern art, followed by Christie's sale in the same category on Wednesday. Both houses will auction contemporary and postwar works a week later.

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The Roundabout Theatre Company production, which opened on Thursday, marks the Broadway debut of McGregor, known for his film roles in "The Impossible" and "Moulin Rouge" and his co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal ("White House Down").

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