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“There’s a different level of competing,” Smith said. “We stopped competing at the end of the third, fourth quarter. We could all tell. I think they felt as if they smelled blood in the water. And we just couldn’t do anything about it. We put our heads down and tucked our tails and we can’t do that at home.”

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Gains were broad, with the benchmark S&P 500 index posting124 new 52-week highs and two new lows; and the Nasdaq Compositerecording 214 new highs and 31 new lows. Among the biggestpositives on the S&P 500, Abbvie shares rose 4 percentafter the drugmaker reported quarterly earnings and said itcould deliver strong long-term growth without rushing intoanother big merger attempt.

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Non-medical marijuana revenue would go into a fund that supports public services, such as youth programs and drug prevention education. An NBC4/Washington Post/Maristpoll last month showed Washington voters backed legalization by a two-to-one margin.

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Bankers away from the deal are watching the transactionclosely to get a gauge on a market that has seen strong buysidedemand for high-quality issuers such as Charter Communications,but less interest in tougher credits. Four high-yield bond dealshave been pulled this month alone.

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The company had hoped to buy Shire and locate the combinedcompany in Britain to take advantage of the nation's lower taxrate. But AbbVie walked away after tax law changes announced bythe U.S. Treasury made the tax-inversion deal less attractive.

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But the details of Hagel’s plan aren’t nailed down quite yet. The secretary has asked the Joint Chiefs to outline next steps — including where exactly returning soldiers will be quarantined — over the next 15 days; Politico reports that the Pentagon has yet to establish whether the returning troops (there are now over 1,000 in West Africa currently) will be held in Liberia, at U.S. bases or in their own homes under the quarantine rules.

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With hundreds of thousands packing the Place de la Nation inthe capital Ouagadougou for a second day on Friday, and with nosign of international support -- particularly from formercolonial power France -- Compaore bowed to public pressure.

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To call the interaction between the two men “hostile” is to be kind; at one point, Dean seemed to suggest he and Stone would eventually met to settle the entire issue not on a field of honor but in a court of law.

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Scaled Composites President Kevin Mickey told a news conference on Friday the ill-fated flight was the first using a new rocket fuel formula the company switched to in May. He said the formula "had been proven and tested on the ground" before Friday's test launch.

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The Bank of Japan's decision to buy more assets helped easeconcerns about the end of quantitative easing in the UnitedStates and the European Central Bank's reluctance so far toengage in large-scale bond buying despite sluggish inflation.

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This time, the issue is travel costs--namely, the estimated pricetag for journalists to accompany President Barack Obama on his trip to China, Burma and Australia next month. News organizations estimate that the cost of the chartered press aircraft will be $60,000 per person, possibly the most expensive in history. And that doesn't include the costs for hotels, ground transportation, press filing centers, meals and other expenses associated with globe-trotting with the president. These could raise the total pricetag of the nine-day Asia-Pacific trip to $70,000 per person, according to the Washington Post.

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Williams had 19 points and eight assists in a game-high 39 minutes. Garnett played 23 minutes, scoring 10 and picking up a technical foul. Joe Johnson had 19 points on 7-of-19 shooting, and Mirza Teletovic was efficient with a game-high 20 points on 8-of-11 from the floor.

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Cadenhead said he panicked and feared his church would be disgraced if he was thrown in jail. He drove around for hours, taking money out of a bank account and purchasing pre-paid Green Dot MoneyPaks, which the fake IRS agent told him was the only form of acceptable payment.

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Boeing plans to use a similar pusher abort system forits CST-100 capsule. SpaceX and Boeing last month won contractsworth a combined $6.8 billion to finish development of theirpassenger spaceships, test them and fly up to six operationalmissions each for NASA beginning in 2017.

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Shares of Halcon Resource Corp, a $1.2 billion market cap company which produces oil and natural gas primarily in Texas and North Dakota, for example, have fallen 48 percent over the last three months. The company's shares, which traded at approximately $3.10 late Wednesday, could fall below $1 if oil falls below $75 a barrel, largely because those lower prices would result in a funding gap of $614 million for its 2015 fiscal year, according to Goldman Sachs estimates. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

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"The underlying growth prospects of AbbVie don't require us to do a deal of that size," AbbVie Chief Executive Richard Gonzalez said in conference call, but added the company was keen on smaller acquisitions, particularly of treatments involving rare diseases, cancer and hepatology.

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One in six people in Ireland is affected by fertility issues and almost 8,000 Irish couples undergo fertility treatment every year, the National Infertility Support and Information Group (NISIG) has said.

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Already down an injured star in Kevin Durant (foot), Oklahoma City also will be without its other star, point guard Russell Westbrook, who suffered a fractured second metacarpal in his right hand early in Thursday's game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Being down two stars is tough for any NBA team, but especially the Thunder, which has unproven talent outside of the Big Two.

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As well as teaching the women to sew, Rufus Isaacs and Brennan also taught and played with many of their children. She says: "What struck us was how they had next to nothing, yet these children were still happy and full of joy. It was a real lesson that all the material possessions we might have aren’t necessarily the things that are going to make us happy in life."

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"She put the medicine inside my eyelid and bandaged my eyes for three days," he says. "But when the bandage was taken off, there was a lump in it. My mother asked what the lump in the bandage was, and the neighbour told her 'it's dirt, throw it away'." But the lump was in fact Baluji's eye and with the other one also damaged, he went blind soon afterwards.

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Since in Britain it has always been legal to call yourself whatever you like (as long as you're not committing fraud), it's hard to get a clear and definitive picture. But as a rough guide we can estimate that when the confetti has fallen, two-thirds to three-quarters of married British women still sign documents using their husband's surname or introduce themselves using it - they apply for new passports and credit cards, or they change their handles on social media.

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Think of it this way. Managing based on risk-management tools is like flying an airplane by instruments. But instrument flying is predicated on the fact that mountains don’t move, and nor do runways. Instrument flying a portfolio, which is what one is forced to do when it is chock full of complex and opaque (and expensive) products, is extremely dangerous.

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With its matt grey paintwork and stealth bomber-inspired bodywork, the Honda Vultus looks more like a futuristic comic-book creation than a motorcycle. This is entirely intentional. The Vultus, whose name means "face" in Latin, was shaped by a team of young designers inspired by Japanese manga comics and the superheros that feature therein.

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“The judicial process of Mexico made the right choice,” Richardson said. “The humanitarian release was justified based on PTSD, something that the Mexican judicial and medical system is not as conscious of as the United States.”

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‘What matters to me is the quality and the variety of the work. I’m in it for the long game. I’m interested in working in 40 years’ time, and turning round and talking to an actor on set and telling them stories about working with Judi Dench and Michael Gambon. So any talk of “man of the moment” hype, heat, whatever, I just smile wryly. It’s the same shit with “sexiest whatever” – I was around 10 years before that as an actor and no one took the same face seriously.’ He shrugs. ‘It’s all projection.’

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With Walls sidelined, the Jets probably will be forced to start Antonio Allen opposite either Phillip Adams, Josh Thomas or Marcus Williams, who was just brought up from the practice squad this week.

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"The problem is," it says in its leader column, "that almost anyone with the relevant qualifications... will be a member of the very legal and political establishment whose conduct is in question".

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Either way, the outcome created an unnecessary and unfortunate storm at a time when Bratton is trying to build bridges between minority communities and the NYPD — a priority that he himself has, from the start of his tenure, put front and center.

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Friday's crash was a major setback for Virgin Galactic, a U.S. offshoot of billionaire Branson's London-based Virgin Group. The company was aiming to make the world's first commercial suborbital space flights with SpaceShipTwo, a six-passenger, two-pilot spacecraft.

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He had weathered the biggest storm I could have put on him and after the fourth round it was like I'd stepped into a bucket of concrete. I was all spent, I didn't know what I was doing out there.

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Instead of being guided by our fear of bad teachers, we should be guided by the best practices of good teachers. It’s important to look at what effective teachers are doing within their classrooms and then create structures to allow them to teach those skills to other teachers. In a lot of education systems in the world that outperform ours, adults have more time to work with one another, so teachers are sharing lesson plans and instructional skills.

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Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell had sued and obtained a temporary restraining order to block the transfer of the material collected from Duncan and the Dallas apartment where he was staying to a hazardous waste landfill in Louisiana.

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The researchers note that they can’t tell whether the inaccurate directories are misleading federal regulators, because they weren’t able to access the reports that health plans submit to the government.

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“I was staying away from him every inning because I was hoping he wouldn’t go, ”I’m starting to get a little tired,’ ” Bochy said. “Because there’s no way I would have taken him out unless he would have told me that. We just got on his horse and rode it.”

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KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda gave a state banquet late Thursday in honor of North Korea's ceremonial head of state, praising Pyongyang for what he said was its prominent role in fighting imperialism.

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"I got released from the hospital that Sam Lufti and my parents arranged to send me to because my dad is humiliated by what he's done. The police filed a report against my dad - I am not able to be in the same room with him. He is a sexual predator and he SHOULD BE IN JAIL. People need to hear the truth about who I really am - I need to show the judge that not only do I not need ANY help making decisions about."

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Office supplies retailer Office Depot Inc has warned that sales would be weak this year as stiffcompetition from online and mass retailers erodes sales in its North American retail division.To improve its business it said it was implementing a program to refine its unique sellingproposition and is concentrating on two segments where it is significantly underpenetrated.Investors will be interested in details on these two segments as well as steps the company istaking to arrest the decline in sales in North America. According to Thomson Reuters StarMine,third quarter sales are expected to miss the average analysts' forecast on Tuesday. The European Central Bank meeting on Thursday will be the main money event in Europe in thecoming week - despite the fact that it is not likely to be one of action. As usual, theattention will be on ECB chief Mario Draghi's nuances at the news conference that follows thelikely non-decision. The Bank of England looks also looks to keep interest rates on hold atrecord low levels after three of its most senior officials expressed staunch opposition tohiking rates in the last two weeks.On Friday, shares of Freshpet Inc, a maker of healthy food for cats and dogs, and Chinese solarpark-operator Sky Solar Holdings Ltd are expected to start trading on the Nasdaq. Freshpet'soffering is expected to be priced at $12-$14 per share, valuing the company at about $445million at the top end of the range. Sky Solar's offering is expected to be priced at $10-$12per ADS, valuing the company at about $658.8 million at the top end of the range.October consumer confidence data for Mexico will be released on Wednesday after the index hit athree month high in September as shoppers became more optimistic about the outlook for thecountry's economy. Data on Friday will show whether inflation, which hit 4.22 percent inSeptember, continued to climb above the central bank's 4 percent ceiling.MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3U.S. manufacturing likely lost half a step in October, but still moved forward at a pace thatwould provide a solid underpinning for growth. The Institute of Supply Management releases itsmonthly manufacturing report for October (1000/1500). Also on the radar is Septemberconstruction spending data from the Commerce Department (1000/1500) and auto sales data forOctober. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher speaks before a Shadow Open MarketCommittee meeting sponsored by the Manhattan Institute in New York (1240/1740).Sprint Corp, the third largest wireless carrier in the United States, is expected to post a lossof 177,000 postpaid subscribers, as the company continues a network overhaul that has causedgaps in coverage. Sprint has undergone mass restructuring this year with round after round oflayoffs, as its new CEO, Marcelo Claure attempts to turn the company around. When the companyreports second-quarter results, investors will look for signs of a turn around, the impact ofrecent pricing plans and indications of more layoffs to come. Marathon Oil Corp, which has operations in Kurdistan, Libya and the United States, will reportthird-quarter earnings and provide an update on its goal to grow production from shaleformations including the Eagle Ford in South Texas. At the same time, a steep drop in crude oilis likely to hurt profitability. Canada's Agrium Inc, a fertilizer producer and retail seller of farm products, reportsthird-quarter results. The company warned in October that earnings per share from continuingoperations would be lower than Street estimates, but the reason was not clear. One possibilityis that falling crop prices have caused farmers to rein in spending on chemicals and fertilizer,hitting the company's North American retail chain. Also of interest will be fourth-quarterguidance and an update on completing expansion of Agrium's Saskatchewan potash mine. The companyholds its Investor Day on Wednesday. Of interest will be the company's thinking on whether tobuy a new source of phosphate production to replace mines that are nearly tapped out, or exitthat space. UK-based bank HSBC Plc reports third-quarter results. Regulation and conduct are the key issuesfor the bank, specifically the leverage ratio issue and the ongoing FX probe. Hotel, energy and financial services conglomerate Loews Corp's third quarter is likely to beweak as its biggest holding, insurer CNA Financial, faces a slowing pace of rate increases.However, some of that weakness should be offset by stronger results at Diamond Offshore, Loews'offshore rig contractor, which reported a 4.5 percent rise in third-quarter revenue, helped byhigher demand and improved rates for its ultra-deepwater rigs. Insurer American Internaitonal Group Inc will report third quarter earnings. This will be thefirst quarter in which the company was, at least part of the time, helmed by new CEO PeterHancock, who took over from Bob Benmosche on Sept. 1. Analysts expect the insurer to postearnings of $1.09 per share. Investors will be watching to see not only how the company isfaring under its new chief but also how it is managing expenses around the world. It hosts aconference call to discuss its results on Tuesday.Herbalife Ltd, the nutrition-product maker facing allegations that it runs a pyramid scheme,will report third quarter results after the bell. According to Thomson Reuters StarMine, thecompany is expected to miss both profit and sales expectations on weak sales of its dailyconsumable products such as energy drinks and multi-vitamin tablets. Investors, however, will bemore interested in hearing management's commentary on the FTC probe on the company and whethersome form of disciplinary action is imminent. They will also keep an eye on the size ofHerbalife's network of distributors, which has been stagnating. Shares of Kimberly-Clark Corp's healthcare division, slated to be called Halyard Health, areexpected to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Halyard began to see a surge in demandfor its protective medical devices in the wake of the Ebola scare. Halyard also sells productsthat cater to the needs of the elderly, such as pain relief medication and devices. ExistingKimberly-Clark shareholders could exchange eight shares of Kimberly for one Halyard share.Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz will speak on "The legacy of the financial crisis, what weknow and what we don't." It will be his first public speech since publishing the Oct. 22Monetary Policy Report, and it will be made to the Canadian Council for Public-PrivatePartnerships in Toronto. The RBC Canadian Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index for October is scheduled for release.The pace of growth in the manufacturing sector cooled to a seasonally adjusted 53.5 in Septemberfrom August (0930/1430).Automakers report their Canadian sales for the month of October. The industry is heading for arecord year - in September, Chrysler Canada said it was on track for its best full-year salesever, and Ford reported its highest year-to-date sales in Canada in more than 15 years. Takentogether, in September the automakers operated at a seasonally adjusted rate of 2 million salesper year for the first time, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants.HSBC PMI data for Mexico will show how factory sector sentiment fared in October after reachingan 8-month high in September (1030/1530). (Compiled by Ayesha Sruti Ahmed in Bangalore)

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He should, however, be troubled by the Knicks’ overall performance and his passive body language when the Knicks had the ball. “Not ready for showtime, were we?” Jackson told reporters before exiting the Garden. “I can’t tell how long it will take.”

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"There's usually a certain cadence, and you see thingsoccurring, and the thing makes a contrail and the like. Becauseof the very light cirrus clouds, I was eyes on, but I didn't seeany anomaly. In fact it was when I wasn't hearing anything thatI became concerned. And I looked over at my colleague, and thenthere was a radio call, something about a chute."

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It will be part of the Nintendo's Quality of Life (QOL) platform, he says, equipped with a QOL Sensor containing a non-contact radio frequency sensor that will detect body movements, breathing and heart rate from the bedside.

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