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"[E]specially in the U.S., many of the improved plans are at the higher speed tiers, which generally are the most expensive plans available," the report says. "The lower speed packages---which are often more affordable for the average consumer---have not seen as much of an improvement."

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“It is chasing volume and we’ve said look, we will be competitive but we’re not going to chase volume for the sake of it. We’re going to be disciplined about it.”

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The Cygnus also carried a prototype satellite owned by Redmond, Washington-based startup Planetary Resources Inc., which is developing technology to mine asteroids. The satellite, designated A3, was to be released into space by a commercially owned small spacecraft launcher aboard the station.

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Lonza said all of its other businesses remained on track.The company also supplies drug ingredients to the pharmaceuticalindustry and said it had extended an agreement with U.S.drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb Co to manufacturebiologic medicines. (Reporting by Caroline Copley; Editing by William Hardy andEmelia Sithole-Matarise)

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The fact that women tilt heavily toward Democrats is nothing new, of course. It’s why Democrats never tire of accusing Republicans of waging a “war on women,” and why Republicans cringe every time an elected official says something clueless about rape or birth control.

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And near Chicago, a room in heavy metal musician Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare dedicated to 1970s local serial killer John Wayne Gacy is drawing heavy criticism from the local community in Villa Park, Illinois.

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When I visit the children's ward there are the colourful mobiles, wall friezes and the tinny sounds of piped nursery rhymes. There are 22 children here and it feels like any other children's ward - barring the absence of much noise.

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0915: SuperGroup is a heavy faller on the FTSE 350 after a profit warning. In a Q2 update, the company said that sector discounting and warm weather means that full-year profits will be 60-65m, compared with market forecasts of 69-73m. 70-80% of SuperGroup’s full-year profit is expected in the second half.

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Those sectors were impacted by a rise in the U.S. dollar,which rose on foreign exchange markets after the U.S. FederalReserve painted a brighter picture of the U.S. economy and endedits quantitative easing (QE) bond purchase programme.

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This woman has no respect for any of us. No matter her opinion, she is arrogant and self-centered. Her entire career is not to benefit other humans, but to glorify her presence. Her obnoxiousness is non-American, non-ally, she might as well sign up with our enemies.

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Congress' deficit-cutting fervor has cooled somewhat as aneconomic rebound and tax increases have more than halved thegovernment's deficits to $483 billion last fiscal year from therecession-driven $1 trillion-plus that were prevalent when thecontrols were enacted in 2011.

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The country music star received so much backlash from fans Thursday when coming to her husband’s defense over Jet fans’ reactions to a seemingly harmless tweet Wednesday about a prize giveaway, that she deactivated her account from the social media site.

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OUAGADOUGOU, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Military factions vying forpower in Burkina Faso after the resignation of longtimePresident Blaise Compaore met for talks on Saturday after anofficer in the presidential guard said he was ousting the armychief of staff as leader of the transition.

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Medicaid is a joint state-federal program, with each state administering its own program, but just over half of the funding coming from Congress. Increasing the federal share of Medicaid would be a breeze administratively, requiring only slight tweaks to the existing cost-sharing formula.

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The hackers had originally gained access to the bank's network by compromising the computer an employee with special privileges had used both at work and at home and then moved across the bank's network to access contact data, the WSJ reported.

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Los Angeles area authorities say they're looking for a motorist who crashed into three teenage girls trick-or-treating in Halloween costumes, leaving them with fatal injuries and fleeing the scene.

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Science and history concur that people vote when encouraged by others to do so. Conversations with friends and family mobilize voters.So do community gatherings near polling places.Here is where innovations in communication and voting methods converge to create an opportunity to attract more voters to the polls.The gradual expansion of early voting centers and vote-by-mail provisions in an assortment of states makes it easier than ever before to orchestrate weekend social events that will bring communities, congregations or friends together to cast ballots.

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The hackers had originally gained access to the bank'snetwork by compromising the computer an employee with specialprivileges had used both at work and at home and then movedacross the bank's network to access contact data, the WSJreported.

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"Her desire to control, to punish, and to inflict pain, all in the name of law and order, are, I think, every bit as reprehensible as Lord Voldemort’s unvarnished espousal of evil,” she adds, referring to Harry Potter's arch enemy.

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"I've just been able to play good, solid, consistent golf so far, just putting it on the fairway, giving myself chances and I've been fortunate enough to make some putts," the 31-year-old Moore said. "So in the end that's why I'm here.

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When it was all over on Monday, the feeling about Idzik was that he couldn’t decide whether he wanted Jets fans to like him or feel sorry for him. What he certainly did not do was inspire any confidence in his fan base, give that fan base any sense that there is some kind of plan here, a real vision for the future; that the general manager Woody Johnson hired has it in him to build a real contender, or even the first Super Bowl the team has had in nearly half-a-century.

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Public health experts, the United Nations, federal officials and even President Barack Obama have expressed concern that state quarantines for returning doctors and nurses could discourage potential medical volunteers from fighting the outbreak at its source in West Africa.

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"We wanted to use what we know to get involved in this movement, to let people know what is happening here. Because in the news, people will see some violent actions involved and maybe in our photos, we show other faces of the people here," explained Max Wong, one of the organisers.

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PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which has been auditing Petrobras'financial statements since 2012, refused to sign off on thefirm's third-quarter earnings and threatened to take the case toU.S. authorities, Estado said. Petrobras' shares are listed onseveral different exchanges, including Sao Paulo's BM&FBovespaand the New York Stock Exchange.

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James was at his best after struggling the previous night. He scored eight points in the extra period, and the Cavaliers gave coach David Blatt his first win after opening with a loss at home to New York.

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Though the script can sometimes be a little juvenile (and very sweary -- don't let the colourful visuals fool you, this is an adult game), it's well acted and funny more often than it's not. It's a perfect fit for a multiplayer bout too, and the game excels at giving you enjoyable co-op challenges when playing in a band of eight. It gets a little *too* tough though if you're in a smaller group.

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An expected development became official when coach Lionel Hollins ruled out Brooklyn’s center for Wednesday night’s 121-105 loss to the Celtics because of a sprained right foot. There was some optimism from Hollins earlier in the week that Lopez would play in Boston, but the coach revealed that the brittle 26-year-old is still feeling “some pain when he goes hard.”

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“Under the original plan we were, as of now, about two years away from conducting the first launch of Antares with the second-generation propulsion system ... I certainly think we can shorten that interval, but at this point I don’t know by how much,” Thompson said.

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Scaled Composites President Kevin Mickey told a newsconference the ill-fated flight was the first using a new rocketfuel formula the company switched to in May. He said thatformula "had been proven and tested on the ground" beforeFriday's test launch.

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Time and again the Bridget Jones actress proves she's the ultimate elegant silver screen siren and she always leaves us with our jaws on the floor when it comes to her ever chic and slightly understated occasion dresses. But her version of the much-adored LBD is making us want to rush out and buy one just like it. Featuring mesh sleeves and black and gold swirl embroidered details, this bodycon beauty has got party season written all over it Oh, and top points for the gold accessories

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A: The film does that. Her mother represents a very conservative family and her reaction is one many people will relate to. When you write a good script, when you look at it in a holistic manner, not just from one angle, it makes sense.

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Enthusiasm for crowd-sourced designs has given rise togrowing numbers of businesses. Companies such as SanFrancisco-based 99designs, Chicago-based crowdSpring, andSydney, Australia-based DesignCrowd allow other businesses tocrowd-source the design of their logos and websites, forexample.

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Virgin Galactic promises travelers a journey lasting abouttwo hours, with several minutes of weightlessness and a view ofthe Earth framed against the blackness of space. SpaceShipTwo iscarried to an altitude of about 45,000 feet (13.7 kms) byVirgin's White Knight Two carrier airplane and released. Thespaceship then fires its rocket motor to power it to about 62miles (100 km) above Earth.

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The popularity of the ubiquitous iPhone and iPad have helped Apple become a symbol of corporate America across the globe. It now gets more than half of its revenue from abroad, with China its second largest market.

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Dow, meanwhile, says it is designing a strategy to minimizedisruption to export channels until China approves Enlist. Thecompany declined to be more specific. Industry experts warnthere is a high risk that more U.S. grain sales could be injeopardy of Chinese rejection if farmers begin harvesting Enlistgrains before China improves Enlist for import.

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"It doesn't have to be somebody based in London. It could be somebody in Leeds or Manchester. I think there are plenty of people with great expertise who don't have close social or family ties with key decision-makers whose decisions may be being questioned as part of this inquiry

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"We feel there will be more of this type of intervention totry to bolster growth across the world," said David Coombs, headof multi-manager at Rathbone Brothers, which manages assetsworth 26.6 billion pounds.

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The model for the statue was Marie van Goethem, a Belgian dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet. The musical tells the story of the young ballerina who, by posing for Edgar Degas, inadvertently became one of the most famous dancers in the world.

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Was it the greatest sporting occasion of the 20th century? For many, the world heavyweight championship between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman on 30 October 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire -- dubbed the "Rumble in the Jungle" -- is unrivaled as the most compelling contest of all time. Forty years on from this legendary bout, we look back at a night which went down in history.

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The manufacturing PMI, a key measure of factory activity in China, measured 50.8 in October, down 0.3 percentage points from September, according to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP).

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